The Jillian Effect: Exposing the Lies and Pain

The worst thing someone, anyone, could do is believe a lie.

Why would you believe a lie in the first place? What is it that shrouds one’s thinking, removing the sense to question someone’s credibility? What proof is sufficient enough for you to accept a procedure or protocol as a doctrine to health? Is your child’s illness compelling you to believe that a 3 ingredient recipe can cure any illness from A-Z?

Apparently, there’s a new way to reverse any kind of ” cancer, chronic illness, and disease” with just salty cabbage water? This “Protocol” has been touted by its developer to regenerate cells that will regrow organs (liver or lung) and shapeshift from your illness-ridden body to your previous youthful healthy body. This protocol has been a huge interest of mine ever since I joined Jillian’s “Weaponized Fungus” group back in August. I had an inescapable curiosity to the procedure, the production and the politics of her group and the methods used to “remove” parasites or Candida.

I’ve always known people had them and I’ve always known that parasites were nasty. Except, I didn’t know the existence of the parasites and fungus these people were purging from their bodies. It’s even the healthy microbiota that seems to scare people into thinking they are possessed by organisms that cause them sickness, mental illness, and disease. Which in reality, in some severe cases, yes it can. But that might only happen if you live in a third world country or have recently visited one with a submissive lifestyle in that part of the world. Considering, dear Reader, you live in the USA, you should have “healthy” or average Westerner’s gut flora. There is evidence to prove that parasitic infestation can and does happen here in the states,  but I’ll save that for another blog post.

I’ll move on to talk about what concerns me, and should concern you, the most; administering this Protocol to children.

JMT Baby formula

Jillian and Baby food, formula and her Protocol

It’s painful to see the videos of the mothers giving it to their very healthy looking children because they, the youngsters, were diagnosed and prescribed a remedy by a woman on Facebook. Children ranging from inutero to 12 years of age that are being administered these unmeasured, and likely overabundant amounts of salt have me curious, but, mostly majorly concerned.

The concoction is made of 2 parts water, 2 parts cabbage or kale, and 1TBSP of Pink or Celtic salt- which totals to about 3.5% salinity. Very similar to seawater. Babies and infants need very small amounts of salt as their kidneys are too immature to cope with any extra salt. A study published in the “American Journal of Physiology — Renal Physiology” in 2011 found that having too much or too little salt while pregnant can both impact kidney development.  Breast milk naturally meets all of a baby’s nutritional requirements, including a tiny amount of salt. In about 1 oz. of formula you will find close to 10mg of salt, which is specially formulated for babies.

0-6 months <1g / day
6-12 months 1g / day
1-3 years 2g / day
4-6 years 3g / day
7-10 years 5g / day
11 years and above 6g / day

Parents giving their children this drink often ask, “Well how much do I give her?”, to which Jillian replies,

2017-10-26 (2).png

So, as you see here, this is her answer. And, it is repeated throughout the Weaponized group to curious parents. Jillian ensures you, “You can’t go wrong”. I assure, you can and will if you force your child to ingest that amount of salt.

Pregnant woman are told to do the Protocol normally. Bad advice. Sodium during pregnancy should be limited. It’s very easy to meet or exceed your daily salt intake with the diet alone. Adding this will cause serious problems. Problems associated with your unborn baby. Let’s look at the amount of sodium one likely ingests when following Jillian’s Protocol as she suggests:

Himalayan Pink Salt(HPS) is naturally rich in sodium. I googled several brands and found that there is between 300 and 500mg of sodium in a 1/4 tsp. A FOURTH OF A TEASPOON!  With 3tsp in every 1tbsp of HPS, that adds up to at about 3,600mg of sodium per 2 cups. Which is her recipe as her directions call And, I need to keep reminding you, this is the LOWEST amount of sodium being calculated here. The lowest amount of sodium in 2cups of Jillian’s Protocol is about 3,600mg. I figured that by doing the math from the label of the canister of HPS that I have in my cupboard.


Himalayan Pink Salt




The trend in Jillian’s group seems to be sufferers of diseases like cancer, Morgellons, or diabetes along with parents and pregnant women who seek to live a clean, alternative lifestyle.These c