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CH 1


After I independently reversed my Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), a severe form of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), naturally using homemade Probiotics, I decided it was time to write a book articulating my journey to Holistically reverse my own chronic illness, while also helping others completely reverse their own chronic illness, disease and Cancer.  This journey has been on ongoing journey since the year 2000 and it was only since the last four years from December 2016, did I really have the means to reverse my issues naturally, and then finally completely reverse my illness altogether, without having to consult an allopathic doctor or a Holistic practitioner.  Not only did I reverse my PMDD, but I also do not get sick as far as influenza, common colds or allergies currently as of today.  However, my friends and family and online friends on social media have not been so lucky.



According to the CDC:

  • Chronic diseases and conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, Cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis, are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.
  • As of 2012, about half of all adults, 17 million people, had one or more chronic health conditions. One of four adults had two or more chronic health conditions.1
  • Seven of the top 10 causes of death in 2010 were chronic diseases. Two of these chronic diseases, heart disease and Cancer, together accounted for nearly 48% of all deaths.2
  • Obesity is a serious health concern. During 2009–2010, more than one-third of adults, or about 78 million people, were obese (defined as body mass index [BMI] ≥30 kg/m2). Nearly one of five youths aged 2–19 years were obese (BMI ≥95th percentile).3
  • Arthritis is the most common cause of disability.4 Of the 53 million adults with a doctor diagnosis of arthritis, more than 22 million say they have trouble with their usual activities because of arthritis.5
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, lower-limb amputations other than those caused by injury, and new cases of blindness among adults.6


Consequently, I started looking at my immediate family, friends and circles of influence, and noticed a very disturbing trend; everyone was either mentally or physically sick, severely obese, battling a chronic illness, or has died prematurely from a preventable malady. However, before I started examining the causes of Cancers and disease, I was informed there may have been a controversial practice that could also be a factor in why Cancer and disease has been so prevalent.  At the time, I thought that particular controversial factor was the only reason why Cancer and disease have been so prevalent.  I was mistaken.


Subsequently, I discovered a way to reverse my sickness and I applied that methodology of thinking to reverse every single Cancer, disease and malady known to mankind.  This may seem like an outrageous statement conflicting with all the peer reviewed articles a person may find in Academia or industry related publications, but it is a valid theory that has been proven in smaller experiential circumstances.  Furthermore, my perspective to support this way of reversing sickness claim comes from the idea all humans are alike with a few differences such as hair color, eye color, skin color, bone size, geographical location, culture, and family traditions.  Despite the claims from Academia disease and Cancer are permanent genetic traits passed down from the parents, I will prove otherwise with profound examples and thought processes that will support my claims Cancer, disease and chronic illness are not permanently embedded in the genetic code.  Cancer, disease and chronic illness stem from an overabundant fungus called Candida that are sustained by various factors.  I will be naming those factors throughout the book.









CH 2


The current state of our world is extremely polluted and toxic. We are exposed to toxins in every aspect of our lives.   The foods we eat, organic or GMO (genetically modified), air pollution, environmental hazards, Wi-Fi radiation, occupational hazards, makeup, shampoos, conditioners, hair products, deodorants, air fresheners, laundry soap, bath soap, hand soap, drinks, toothpaste, mouthwash, tap water, bottled water, alcohol, antibacterial soap, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and arguably,  vaccines (read the insert), all have some element of carcinogenic toxins in them, and if not neutralized properly daily, can result into Cancer, disease and chronic illness.

Probiotics made in your own home not only detoxifies your system from the everyday exposure to toxins within your control and out of your control, it also keeps Candida (yeast overload) at bay, it boosts your immune system, otherwise known as regenerating broken or damaged cell structures, reverses Cancers and diseases, and it allows your body to easily absorb the vitamins and minerals missing in the food supply.  Your liver, pancreas, kidney, spleen, gall bladder and appendix have a job to filter the toxins in the body when it goes through its natural mechanisms to process the foods, and protect the body from antigen it comes into contact with.  What happens when the amount of toxins and the fungus such as yeast tax the organs to such an extent, the natural detoxification process gets subverted, and the toxins reproduce at an alarming rate, more than it can be neutralized and find other places in the body to burrow?  Candida overload happens and that is when yeast proliferate more than it can be neutralized because the rate of reproduction has increased and the organs used to keep the balance, stopped working correctly.  In essence, the balance is off in the body’s ecosystem and the yeast in the body, used to neutralize toxins and parasites, multiply and turn virulent, and start subverting natural body mechanisms.  Probiotics is a good bacteria called lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, that helps sweep away the bad bacteria called Candida and replaces it with good bacteria which boosts the immune system, because it allows the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals, which aid in proper vitamin and mineral absorption along with strengthening and rebuilding the cells to fight off antigen, or invaders.  Probiotics are made up of many different strains.  One of the best strains is Lacto and it has at least 8 different lacto strains such as L. acidophilus, L. fermentum, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, L. paracasei, L. gasseri, and L. reutari.  Additionally, we have some different Bifidobacterium species, and the strains are B. bifidum, B. longum and B. infantis.  Moreover, we also have the Bacillus species which is made up of B. coagulans.  Finally, we have the Streptococcus species and that is made up of two different strains.  It is the S. salivarius K12 and S. salivarius M18.  A fermented food also aids in breaking foods down, distributing the toxins and nutrients to their perspective places allowing the body to work more efficiently.  However, not all Probiotics are created equal and some even have side effects, such as Kombucha and Keffir when used with sugar or milk because fermented fruit and milk enhances the sugar content which feeds Candida.  Also, using water Keffir only using a Scoby (culture starter) has Probiotic strains such as Acidopholus, but this strain is also in milk and both are not strong enough taken on a daily basis.  Other Probiotics are vinegar based and very acidic to the body, and the tooth enamel.  Be very careful when fermenting fruits and some vegetables, such as beets.  Fruits and veggies such as beets already house a lot of sugar and when fermented, the sugar gets enhanced.  When a body is riddled with Candida, with no beneficial bacteria, the bad bacteria start multiplying at an alarming rate, punch holes in the intestine, and allow the toxins which do reside in the food leak through the gut into the blood stream.  This is called leaky gut syndrome.  In turn, the body goes into defense mode and tries to fight off the oncoming invader. When there are too many virulent toxins hitching a ride on the body’s highway called the bloodstream, all of those toxins have access to all the organs in the body, and some attach themselves to organs, as well as hormone receptors.  If those toxins went through the proper channels to be processed correctly, the toxins would have been neutralized a long time ago and purged.  However, that is not the case and that is why we have many people afflicted with inflammation, Cancer, disease and chronic illness.

CH 3


When I first learned about Probiotics or lacto fermented foods, I was also suffering from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).  “It causes emotional and physical symptoms, like PMS, but women with PMDD find their symptoms debilitating, and they often interfere with their daily lives, including work, school, social life, and relationships.” I was relegated to accomplishing my goals in between bi-polar like episodes with extreme physical symptoms which had me laid up in bed for days, until I finally started menstruating.  Let me tell you, it is very hard to accomplish long term goals when your body and mind give out at least 2 weeks every month, and holding a job or a long term relationship, and healthy family relationships was nearly impossible.  I became very good at interviewing, because I had to and I was very good at giving excuses why I had to miss a family event due to my PMDD symptoms flaring up whenever it wanted.  Corporate America is not very sympathetic to those who miss 3 days of work a month due to PMS or PMDD and in those days, PMDD was not part of the DSM-5, “the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in the U.S.” And, going to the doctor was a joke, because all they did was either prescribe me birth control pills or anti-depressants, and those have side effects worse than the illness itself.  I just accepted my fate and did things to compensate for my lack of consistency in health.  I went into business for myself in the insurance industry and created my own position as a lead generator for new and upcoming insurance agencies.   Fast forward to 2011, while I was working for myself for an agent in the insurance industry, it was understood that I could take off at least 3 days a month on a Monday, to recover from my hormonal schedules and then do my job as my body and mind permitted.  How does one get ahead when you cannot work on a consistent level of 40 hours a week?  It was nearly impossible, so I decided it was time to find a husband and get some solid back up in my journey called life.  Mind you, I was still afflicted with this illness, but my marketing skills were bar none, and I landed a very smart husband across the U.S. who learned and understood what was going on with me, mentally and physically.  Subsequent to our meeting physically in person, we both quit our jobs, attended truck driving school and I decided to bow out, and watch him succeed driving an 80,000 pound truck down steep grades in inclement weather.  Once my husband passed truck school and received his Commercial Driver’s License; I was allowed to ride along while he delivered truck loads of product to different destinations across the country.  This allowed me time to listen to different pundits on the satellite radio we purchased to pass the time in between stops and I was particularly interested in one political pundit radio host who covered many different health topics, and government conspiracy theories.  One of them was the dangers of vaccines and the “benefits” of supplements.  I started to explore the Holistic side of the health industry, analyze my current health issues, and examine what was going on in my immediate family and all of their health issues.  I started to make pretty quick connections and assertions that vaccines and prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs were contributing to the sickness, Cancer and disease that have been plaguing my family and friends for some time.  About a year later when we moved to Florida, I started to spend a lot of money on only organic foods and supplements, herbs, extracts, oils, and essential oils.  I joined health groups on social media connecting with like minded people, and entertained the idea of joining multilevel marketing groups who sold different herbal supplements with promises of good health and vitality.  I then threw out all of my controllable toxin exposures I listed earlier in this chapter.  I substituted out all of  the toxic beauty products and cleaners with a more environmentally friendly products that were about 80% carcinogenic chemical free, and I started to explore a more organic diet, and detoxification methods such as clay or diatomaceous earth.  It has been said that Bentonite Clay and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) are excellent detoxifications methods, but the online articles never really discussed what toxins were being detoxed, and what other methods you had to do to keep the body in working balance.  Long story short, I did not reverse my illness of PMDD, if anything, the symptoms were not only still very pronounced, but I was throwing my body’s chemistry off balance, and I started to get recurring yeast infections and flu-like symptoms.  I did not know it was the detoxification symptoms from the Bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth.  Nonetheless, a year later, doing this method of clay in water, again, I did not reverse my illness.  I started exploring other reasons why a person could detox using clay and still experience PMDD symptoms even months later after detoxing.  My thought process was people are exposed to toxins daily through our choices of beauty regiments and food choices, environmental exposures, and if we do not detox the body aggressively, those toxins build up and trigger Cancer and disease.  While that may be true, that is not the whole story.  When I first did this, it was in 2014 in Florida, and I was introduced to Diatomaceous earth as a detox in a health group I belonged to.  I was told to take 1 TB of DE (Diatomaceous Earth) a day in a full glass of water daily and I did for about a week.  I felt lightheaded, constipated, flu-like symptoms and diarrhea.  I assumed that was the natural process for detoxing and then I would go and order a pizza, because I was super hungry after doing this.  I knew about diet such as eating my fruits and veggies, but I was more concentrated on detoxing the bad gut bacteria, and then hopefully the fruits and veggies and pizza would layer in some good gut bacteria, along with some vitamins and minerals I thought I was getting with the DE and my food supply. I could not have been more wrong!  I found myself suffering more from detox symptoms, and my symptoms of PMDD were rearing its ugly head once again.  As a result, I found out that this was the wrong way to look at detoxing.  I then stumbled upon Candida and Estrogen dominance, and the possibility of how fungus is introduced via vaccines, and fed through our food supply, as well as the rate of reproduction of the fungus/yeast which turns into Candida overload causes inflammation.  This was my a-ha moment. First of all, the clay and the DE produce a negative charge, and they neutralize all the good and bad gut bacteria in the stomach.  Second of all, when all of the good gut bacteria, and the vitamins and minerals in your food supply get swept away from that aggressive negative charge, it leaves the body open to viruses and other microbes, which does lower the immune system.  Even though the bad gut bacteria does get neutralized, Candida replenishes itself extremely fast when fed in the right conditions.  Those right conditions are sugar and sugar based foods, and the environmental exposures you cannot escape.  Good gut bacteria, which is homemade Probiotics has to be aggressively introduced to replace the bad bacteria and fight the microbe viruses attached to the Candida causing inflammation.   I did not learn this method of aggressive Probiotics until years later, so back to the drawing board and more exploration of my own background, and the background of others to make some very astonishing connections with the health care business, and the prevalence of Cancer and disease in families all over the U.S.  I started talking to all of my Facebook peers and family, asking them what kind of vaccines and medications they used, and I came to a few different conclusions based upon my research of asking everyone their medical family history.

I knew my family was vaccinated and of course I was too when I first arrived in this country in May of 1975 from the Vietnam War.  My family also believed in the efficacy of Biotechnology, as my dad worked for companies who created supplements as well as different pharmaceutical products to manage illness and disease and birth control.  My mother is a huge proponent of the term, “Better Life through Chemistry”, coined by DuPont when they changed their tag line to reflect corporate change from their original tag line, “Better things, through better living”, in 1935.  I grew up with an adopted sister from Korea and of course she was vaccinated as well.  Our life was no different than most people in Saratoga, CA living in suburban utopia in the middle of Silicon Valley.  We watched TV, ate cereal, attended public school, had a few pets and we also experienced illness different times of the year.  I had the worst allergies in the springtime and my sister never did.  When I got sick with a cold and flu, I got really sick and then it was over in a short amount of time.  My mother used Triaminic, Amoxicillin, Benadryl and Claritin for my allergies, and cold medicine for cold and flu season.  Of course those methods did not get me better; it just helped mask the systems while I was lying in bed.  I remember in third grade getting my nose cauterized by the Pediatrician every time I had violent nose bleeds, and I would have to keep going the doctor to get it cauterized.  All those over-the-counter medications made me so sleepy and brain foggy, it was no wonder I was labeled as learning disabled in elementary school.  How can a child learn under the fog of so much medicine and other health issues?  I am no blaming anyone per se, and yes I was an orphan baby from the Vietnam War with sustained developmental delays from health issues from malnutrition, but no one was questioning methods Pediatricians use when managing sickness in America.  And, I also do not discount the vaccine factors when I first arrived on American soil.  Then, one year my sister and I were afflicted with the chicken pox.  Do not ask me how we got this, but someone at school must have had them, and our immune system was low enough so we both succumbed to the illness.  Interesting thing happened to my sister who had the chicken pox.  She only had one chick pox on her belly, while I was covered head to toe with little red pustules that itched like crazy.  This is a medical anomaly, and now that I look back on it today, with my current knowledge; how weird is that my sister had one chicken pox and I was covered from head to toe?  My assertion would be she had an autoimmune disorder latent in her body from the amount of vaccines she was exposed to because later on in life, health issues transpired.   My mother and father both had their issues they managed with either prescription drugs or over the counter drugs way back in the 1980’s and I heard my mother talk about her medical issues that she still deals with. Today they have currently progressed into serious medical treatment, as well as my father and sister.  I will not go into detail because I do not have permission to disclose their medical issues, but know they all are chronically ill on some level.  There is a very distinct reason why my whole family has and is currently suffering from some kind of allergy or disease.  It is not genetic.  It is epigenetic, “the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.” Genetics are your hair color, hair type, skin color, eye color and that is it.  Mutagenesis as used in the medical industry is classically defined as an abrupt and heritable genetic change, induced by chemical or physical agents known as mutagens. “Practically, a mutation means any change in the DNA or the chromosomes that can be transmitted to descendant cells. These changes may affect a single nucleotide, several nucleotides in a gene, several genes, large chromosome segments, or whole chromosomes.” I have heard a lot of hardcore followers of Biotechnology state, there is no DNA sequence or Genome alike and I will have to say I agree to some extent, but disagree in the context of justifying Biotechnology’s research for compatible drugs based upon superficial genetic differences.  Everyone has the same DNA with a few differences in genetic variations.  The only differences in humanity when it comes to Cancer, disease and chronic illness, is when and what type of anomalous event, impacted your body’s ecosystem and balance.  Temporary mutagenesis happens when those events impact the body’s natural reactions.  Temporary Mutagenesis could stem from Candida and viruses, such as the AIDS virus passed from the mother to the child.  Candida carries those specific viruses and toxins impacting specific organs based upon what the mother was exposed to at any point in her life. It could also be vaccines and pharmaceutical meds as well as the environment, such as radiation and other noxious fumes the body was exposed to that created a temporary mutagenesis.  With that information, my deductive reasoning and the ability to make connections between patterns and trends, I came to the conclusion lifestyle, belief systems, vaccines, food choices, cultures and habits, all factor in why all of us had different medical issues.  This is what the medical industry’s term “Family History” comes from.  They make it mean “Family History” is a permanent genetic anomaly in your family.  This is completely untrue and very manipulative of the industry.  Of course, being adopted from a third world country, there is no way to trace back my “family history” what was in my family.  And, that is not even relevant.  Even if PMDD was in my family history, I could change my family medical history of the Candida in one instance once I implement aggressive Probiotics I make myself, using pink salt and a temporary diet change, essentially starving the Candida and feeding my body.  I know a few people in my life who may disagree, because they were told that those diseases were housed in their genetic makeup, making those illnesses permanent and unavoidable, and that is truly not so.  It has also been said the MTHFR genetic anomaly is “permanent” and that is also untrue as the “sugar bug” vein is clearly Candida, which is a “sugar bug”.  Candida feeds upon sugars and heavy metals.  Yes, if you can pass the AIDS virus from mother to child, you can pass Candida with viruses attached from mother to child, which could possibly manifest into food sensitivities, and other viral issues that will temporarily mutate the body.  However, those illnesses and “genetic mutations” are only temporary.  Why is it temporary?   We will next look at what we learned about the human body.



CH 4


Think of your body as a large manufacturing organization, with you as a CEO.  We will call this company ABC Corporation.  ABC Corporation’s mission is to deliver a certain amount of steel products to a large client as originally promised, using an industry specific software program that are reliant on real-time information.  We will call this large client XYZ Company.  Over time, ABC Corporation goes through growth spurts, organizational restructuring, software alterations and geographical modifications.  As those changes begin to happen, the software program using real-time information starts to act up and deliveries become late or past the promise dates, due to software glitches from prior changes.   XYZ Company becomes irritated threatening to pull their business and find a new supplier.  The CEO of ABC Corporation calls for a meeting with the Board of Directors and they begin to discuss the issue and they agree upon bringing in a few consultants that will either create a workaround solution while they research the root cause or they fix the problem completely.  Workaround solutions is a technical term in the technology industry that is used to explain how to fix the immediate issue using a very precise remedy that may also be labor intensive and can leave room for error.  Without using the workaround remedy, the problem will continue to exist indefinitely if the workaround remedy is not implemented each time correctly.  In essence, the goal of ABC Corporation is to increase cross-functional communication using automated systems, such as effective software platforms and industry specific applications within their functional silos (departments), implement Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) (always factoring in new info as it comes) and increase their bottom line, by way of keeping to the scheduled agreements on time with little to no errors.  This is also known as specific measurable results which tells the CEO and Board of Directors, the business process is smooth and each department is working symbiotically together, and then XYZ Company remains a valuable customer.  The key term is specific measurable results. This term is very important when a company is measuring how well they are doing by the results or the outcome.  There is a set process, which can be improved over time, as things change, and there is a very specific outcome that is exact factoring in controllable and uncontrollable factors.  Those controllable and uncontrollable factors have already been factored in, and do not stray too far from the desired results.

Similar to the manufacturing organization, you are the CEO of your body and your organs, and are like your clients.  Those organs depend upon a very sound process so they can work efficiently with the least amount of cost or energy, and the highest amount of output which will increase their bottom line.  The bottom-line is quality of life and productivity levels.  When your body starts acting up with negative symptoms such as high fever or skin rashes, most likely you will bring in a consultant to figure out how to remedy, or react to a specific anomaly in your body’s business process so you can still meet the needs of your organs.  Relative to the type of consultant you bring in, you will either create a temporary workaround solution to remedy the malady, or you will fix the root cause of the issue.  Many large organizations bring in consultants to react to an issue, and the consultants will create a workaround because maybe their expertise is limited to only creating workarounds, not fixing the root cause, unless they know precisely where the issue stems from.  Arguably, when a person is sick, disappearing symptoms temporarily using a workaround process such as using synthetic drugs or homeopathic remedies, or even health supplements is basically managing the illness, but not necessarily getting to the root cause.  Allopathic doctors (Western medicine), and Holistic practitioners are like consultants who react to the symptoms of the larger issue, who may also create workarounds so the body is not in pain or triggering symptoms, or they may also remove the issue or organ entirely which will then force a workaround method indefinitely.  The human body functions exactly like a machine or a large organization.  Each part, department or organ depends on other parts, departments or organs in order to function.  We will next look at the human body and all of its functionality, so you can begin to understand how each bodily process impacts other bodily processes, much like a machine or large organization.

The human body is comprised of 12 different systems with a very specific job and they all work in concert together.  They are the Skeletal System, Muscular System, Cardiovascular System, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Immune/Lymphatic System, Urinary System, Male/Female Reproductive System and Integumentary System.

The human body has 206 bones, also known as the Skeletal System connected to each other at various junction points, and is made up of a composite of proteins, cells, fibers, minerals, calcium, iron, energy from fat, and red blood cells in the marrow of the bone.  Each of these separate bones is a living organism needing very particular vitamins and minerals, to allow for growth and continued movement for the human body.  Bones are the framework of the human body with separate connectors such as muscles, tissues, joints and tendons.  Those specific functions are called the Muscular System, which allows the body to move at its optimal state, so as long as the muscular system is in its optimal state.  In order for the Muscular System and the Skeletal System to function properly and efficiently, blood cells need to be circulating the body involuntary to keep the organs fed with nutrients, waste elimination and transport oxygen throughout the entire human body.  This is also called the Cardiovascular System, because the heart is the main organ pumping the precious blood supply throughout the body.  We could say the cardiovascular system is the highway of the human body.  White blood cells also known as leukocytes or neutrophils, which serve a very important function within the Immune System, because those neutrophil cells house a digestive bacteria which both neutralize and destroy harmful bacteria, and viruses that invade the body.  Aside from the skin, which is the largest organ in your body and part of the Integumentary System, it is the first line of defense protecting the inner workings of the human body. Your Immune System is the second line of defense.  And, the blood cells being pumped throughout the body is constantly protecting the human from foreign invaders it is exposed to on a daily basis.  One of the ways foreign invaders enter the human body is either breathing in toxic pollution using the Respiratory System or eating carcinogenic food by way of the Digestive System.  The digestive system is comprised of a multitude of organs working together to achieve a common goal, separating out the nutrients from the poisons, and processing the foods efficiently so the body is using the nutrients from the food for energy and cell repair, and the excess waste is eliminated immediately by way of the Urinary System and the digestive system.   Assuming the body absorbs and retains the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for cell repair and function, the Endocrine System may be able to function correctly, so as long as toxins do not hinder the hormones it regulates.  All of the following glands are controlled by the Nervous System, as well as chemical processes in the hormones and blood supply produced by the other glands that are regulated by the hypothalamus.   The following is a better description of all the different systems working together so you have an idea how it all looks in the bigger picture.

  1. Skeletal System Bones are the framework of the body made up of proteins, cells, joints, fibers and minerals.  New blood cells are produced by the bone marrow and it is the body’s warehouse of calcium, iron and energy in the form of fat.
  2. Muscular System There about 700 muscles that make up half the person’s body weight made up of nerves, blood vessels, tendons and skeletal muscle tissues.
  3. Cardiovascular System This system consists of the heart, which is a muscle, pumping blood throughout the body using blood vessels transporting oxygen, nutrients, hormones and cellular waste.
  4. Digestive System This is a group of organs working symbiotically together converting food into energy, as well as basic nutrients to feed the entire body.  This system filters out the waste allowing for a more effective absorption.
  5. Endocrine System All the glands that produce the hormones in your body propelled by the nervous system makes up the Endocrine System.
  6. Nervous System The sensory organs, brain, the spine, the nerves and all the organs communicating, is the job of the nervous system.
  7. Respiratory System Oxygen is what keeps the cells in the human body alive. This system provides oxygen to the cells in the body, removing the carbon dioxide which is deadly to the body if allowed to accumulate.

8.Immune/Lymphatic System      These two systems are linked together physiologically with the body’s defense system against infectious pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

  1. Urinary System This is a system of organs that filter the blood from waste to produce urine.
  2. Female Reproductive System This system not only supplies the eggs, but it houses the space or uterus for a baby to develop during a 9 month gestation period by the transportation of sperm from the male.  This process is supported by the transportation of the gametes producing a sex hormone.  This system is located at the apex of the leg called the vulva and travels inside up the birth canal towards the pelvis, and branches off into two sets of ovaries and fallopian tubes, and then the female hormones signal the lactation process to develop in the breast area.
  3. Male Reproductive System With several organs working together to produce male gamete sex hormones that eventually come out into semen and little sperm fertilizing the egg when given permission by the female.
  4. Integumentary System This system is the first line of defense with the skin cross section: the hair, nails, exocrine system such as the sweat glands, sebaceous glands in the hair and skin, and it protects the body from UV light, chemicals and physical damage.


Given the above information you have just received, and how complex and self-sustaining the human body is with a little bit of help in the right conditions; the body can maintain itself correctly without mutating to such an extent that warrants 11th hour remedies from the doctors, nurses and Holistic practitioners.

Think of your body as a microcosm of an ecosystem.  Every single cell process, organ and tissue all work in a symbiotic relationship with a purpose for everything and everyone.  Now, think about the food chain and the environment you learned in elementary school, and you were taught every animal has a predator to keep nature balanced, or else one animal overpopulates the environment thus throwing the food chain off.  The overpopulation of one animal kingdom most likely triggered by an anomaly in the patterns of nature, which may be due to an aberration in the universe or an inconsistency in the current climate which has sustained a very predictable pattern over time.  If an outside event aggressively decreased one animal population, both sides of the food chain are affected.  For example, the lion and his pride are at the top of the food chain in the Kalahari Jungle in South Africa.  Zebras are one of many prey lions eat to survive. Zebras also feed on grass which grows at a specific rate based upon environmental factors.  If there are too many Zebras, not enough grass to feed, and if the zebra population dwindles, the lions have no food.  On the other side, lions are hunted by man who has access to fire power and machinery to overtake the lion’s natural self defense mechanisms it uses to survive.  If even one predator or prey either disappear or overpopulate, the balance is off until nature uses death as a balancing force allowing the grass to grow if there are too many zebra feeding the grasses.  Unfortunately, technology and biotechnology is above man and does not die because it programs man to sustain its technological life, and has the ability to set a balance that works relative to the intention if any one of the phylum is thrown off by anomalies that sustains a pattern over time until another anomaly happens.  And, this happens to every element in the food chain.   The anomaly which has triggered the imbalance will either only happen once every so often, or become a constant manifestation which then means “nature” will have to adjust its lifestyle to fit the surroundings.  Of course, one can ask what that particular force was to trigger the anomaly such as environmental pollutions, and we could go over thousands of political arguments discussing the possibilities.  This however would be a whole other book and discussion, of which I will not touch upon too heavily in this book.  I may introduce possible arguments such as vaccine payload, however, the main crux of this book is the role of Probiotics and what Candida does to the human body.  Different theories have introduced schools of thought regarding the controversial argument of evolution or survival of the fittest.  The basis of the argument is the most proliferate or “copies of itself” for generations to come, is the fittest.  Additionally, it is arguable this line of thought makes you think the idea that the “state of reproductive” output is a positive, because it is able to sustain itself much more than any other phylum in its immediate environment to the point of extinction of other phylum.  Maybe, this idea is not so positive and has dire repercussions if left in this state of understanding.

Here is something to think about: if there are too many lions in one area as a predator and zebra as the prey, would you not think the whole environment would be effected positively, or negatively?  Of course in nature, the ecosystem reacts accordingly and if there are too many lions, the zebra population would perish, and then inevitably the lion population would perish from the lack of food, since there were too many lions and not enough zebras born fast enough to keep the lion population fed.  Now think about how to manipulate the environment to fix the anomaly in the ecosystem.  One could say if you manipulate the rate of reproduction in the zebras, it could catch up with the lion population keeping the balance again.  However, if the lion population kept increasing, the rate of reproduction of zebras would have to keep up with the rate of the increase in the lion population and if that rate of reproduction was not continuously manipulated, the lions would overpopulate and kill all the zebras; their food supply.  Let us say this is an experiment under a controlled environment by intelligent beings. The outcome could be the intention, because there would be an obvious outside force manipulating different factors to create a desired result.  Any entity or person can create an outcome relative to the intention.  If you allowed lions to overpopulate without manipulating the zebra reproductive growth rate, zebras would become extinct because of too many predators available.  The animal reproductive rates have to be directly proportional to the growth rate of the food supply and availability, and if any one of those factor are impacted, extinction happens.   It takes a symbiotic relationship for the entire predator and prey to sustain itself over time. For example, if a predatory fungus attacks a vegetable because of a climate anomaly that has been impacted by unknown factors, the vegetable will die off unless the fungus has its own predator to keep it from killing the vegetable.  This information is relevant and appropriate in every sort of lifestyle, and geographical location as well as the human body, which is a microcosm of the Earth and symbiosis.

Fungus is necessary for the environment in the human body because it acts as a waste disposal and keeps harmful parasites at bay.  Fungus can also be hazardous depending on the type and how much it proliferates.  In Ohio, Morel Mushrooms are an edible fungus that is hunted and loved by so many native Ohioans; they can go as high as $400 a pound in some areas.  They proliferate when needed, but if an anomaly happened and they were to reproduce at a rate faster than the living plants and trees around them, the Morel Mushroom would not only kill everything it is growing on or around, but also eventually die off or mutate based upon environmental conditions.  To keep the Morel Mushroom from becoming virulent, there needs to be an equalizing force to keep that mushroom at bay from killing the host.  That equalizing force is the weather.  A period of drought shrinks the cells in the mushroom, stopping it from overpopulating, but if the weather conditions change, Morel Mushrooms could overpopulate if there are not enough humans hunting and picking them.  Yeast, a type of fungus in the human body, can be beneficial with its positive side to keep the balance of the internal environment, sustainable by neutralizing sugars and parasites.  Conversely, if it reproduces at a faster rate than the life of its host; the environment eventually starts to deteriorate like a glitch in the matrix, as the Candida fungus infection caused by overfed yeast, breaks downs walls in the cells and organs, bringing the immune system down because it produces its own toxin called acetaldehyde, allowing viruses to attach and effect the organs it was programmed to attack.  One example of a virus programmed to attack an organ is the H1N1 virus made to attack the respiratory system.  Candida overload is the crux of all issues of inflammation known to mankind, because behind every disease there is a virus or fungus involved with it.  A virus introduced to the body attaches itself to a carrier fungus or host and sugar feeds the fungus, which in turn reproduces at the rate of the sugar intake.  Candida is the infection when too much yeast fungus is present or overpopulates in the body being fed by sugar and foods that ultimately convert to sugar.  Viruses are introduced and trigger negative physical symptoms when the body’s immune defenses are down due to poor diet, medical beliefs and practices, and they turn into the different medical issues relative to what system the Candida impacted.  And, Candida also eats the nutrients meant for the body and it breaks down cellular walls which results into leaky gut syndrome.  If you are wondering why everyone in your family has different diseases going on or why the diseases listed below next to the different body process systems afflict one person but not the other person, my next chapter will cover those questions and you will see a trend or pattern.

Functions             Candida/Virus/Bacteria Fungus Diseases Associated

  1. Skeletal System Bones are the framework of the body made up of proteins, cells, joints, fibers and minerals.  New blood cells are produced by the bone marrow and it is the body’s warehouse of calcium, iron and energy in the form of fat. 1.  Osteoporosis                       2.  Osteogenesis Imperfecta    3.  Rickets                               4.  Fractures                        5.  Osteomyelitis                    6.  Osteosarcoma   7.  Hip dysplasia                   8.  Bone disease  9.  Metabolic Bone Disease 10. Achondroplasia        11. Neurofibromatosis        12. Paget Disease of Bone       13. Osteomalacia                                                  14. Ewing Tumor of Bone    15. Avascular Necrosis                  16. Marble Bone Disease     17. Hip Fracture                              18. Stress Fracture             19. Osteochondroma                    20. Bone Cancer                 21. Osteochondritis                      22. Fibrous Dysplasia          23. Cleidocranial Dysostosis       24. Osteoclastoma                         25. Bone Cyst                     26. Melorheostosis                         27. Callus                           28. Caffey Syndrome                      29. Mandibulofacial Dysostosis
  2. Muscular System There about 700 muscles that make up half the person’s body weight made up of nerves, blood vessels, tendons and skeletal muscle tissues.    1. Muscular Dystrophy          2. Cerebral Palsy  3. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans ….Progressiva  4. Dermamyositis                 5. Compartment Syndrome  6. Myasthenia Gravis  7. Mitochondrial Myopathies     8. Rhabdomyolysis                9. Polymyositis  10. Fibromyalgia                11. Myotonia                      12. Myofascial Pain Syndrome  13. Rotator Cuff Tear          14. Muscle Cramps  15. Amyotrophic Lateral …  .Sclerosis  16. Sprains and Strains       17. Talipes                          18. Tendonitis
  3. Cardiovascular System This system consists of the heart, which is a muscle, pumping blood throughout the body using blood vessels transporting oxygen, nutrients, hormones and cellular waste.  1. Coronary Heart Disease  2. Heart Attack  3. Abnormal Heart Rhythm Or ….Arrhythmias  4. Heart Failure  5. Heart Valve Disease  6. Congenital Heart Disease  7. Heart Muscle Disease  8. Pericardial Disease  9. Vascular Disease
  4. Digestive System This is a group of organs working symbiotically together converting food into energy, as well as basic nutrients to feed the entire body.  This system filters out the waste allowing for a more effective absorption.  1. Gastroesophageal Reflux ….Disease  2. Gallstones                        3. Celiac Disease  4. Crohn’s Disease                 5. Ulcerative Colitis  6. Irritable Bowel Syndrome 7. Hemorrhoids  8. Diverticulitis                    9. Anal Fissures
  5. Endocrine System All the glands that produce the hormones in your body propelled by the nervous system makes up the Endocrine System.       1. Type 1 Diabetes                2. Type 2 Diabetes  3. Osteoporosis                    4. Thyroid Cancer  5. Addison’s Disease              6. Gestational Diabetes  7. Cushing’s Syndrome           8. Grave’s Disease  9. Growth Hormone … .Deficiency  10. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis  11. Hyperglycemia  12. Hyperparathyroidism  13. Hyperthyroidism            14. Hypoglycemia  15. Hypoparathyroidism  16. Low Testosterone          17. Menopause  18. Obesity                          19. Pre-diabetes  20. Thyroid Nodules             21. Acromegaly  22. Adrenal Cancer             23. Adrenal Disorders  24. Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer  25. De Quervain’s Thyroiditis  26. Follicular Thyroid Cancer 27. Goiters  28. Growth Disorders  29. Hurtle Cell Thyroid Cancer  30. Medullary Thyroid Cancer  31. Men 1                           32. Men 2A                         33. Men 2B  34. Papillary Thyroid Cancer 35. Pheochromocytoma  36. Pituitary Disorders  37. Polycystic Ovary .. …….Syndrome  38. Silent Thyroiditis  39. Thyroid Diseases           40. Thyroid Nodules  41. Turner Syndrome
  6. Nervous System The sensory organs, brain, the spine, the nerves and all the organs communicating is the job of the nervous system.              1. Parkinson’s Disease           2. Multiple Sclerosis  3. Amyotrophic Lateral ….Sclerosis (ALS)  4. Alzheimer’s Disease          5. Huntington’s Disease         6. Peripheral Neuropathies  7. Encephalitis or Abscesses  8. Overuse or Withdrawal …..from prescription or non ……prescription drugs, illegal ……drugs or alcohol                   9. Spinal Meningitis  10. Brain Tumor                  11. Organ System Failure  12. Respiratory Failure       13. Heart Failure  14. Liver Failure (hepatic………   – .-.encephalopathy)  15. Kidney Failure
  7. Respiratory System Oxygen is what keeps the cells in the human body alive. This system provides oxygen to the cells in the body removing the carbon dioxide which is deadly to the body if allowed to accumulate.   1. Tuberculosis (TB)              2. Pneumonia                          3. Influenza                         4. Chronic Obstructive …..\..   ….Pulmonary Disease                5. Asthma                            6. Influenza Pandemic of……… -.-1918-1919                            7. Sleep Apnea                     8. Mesothelioma                   9. Lung Cancer                      10. Pneumothorax              11. Pleural Effusion            12. Swine Flu                     13. Asbestosis                      14. Pneumoconiosis            15. Atelectasis
  8. Immune/Lymphatic System These two systems are linked together physiologically with the body’s defense system against infectious pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.               1. AIDS Acquired …………………..… Immunodeficiency  ………….. ….Syndrome                         2. Chediak-Higashi Syndrome 3. Anaphylaxis                      4. Asthma                            5. Dermatitis                       6. Drug Allergy                     7. Farmers Lung                   8. Hay Fever                        9. Hives                             10. Serum Sickness             11. Addison Disease            12. Dermatomyositis           13. Diabetes Mellitus (type 1..  ……(insulin dependent)            14. Hashimotos Disease      15. Lupus Erythematosus     16. Multiple Sclerosis          17. Myasthenia Gravis         18. Pemphigus                    19. Rheumatic Fever           20. Rheumatoid Arthritis      21. Scleroderma
  9. Urinary System This is a system of organs that filter the blood from waste to produce urine.    1. Bladder Cancer                2. Urinary Incontinence        3. Bladder Diseases              4. Urinary Tract Infections      5. Interstitial Cystitis           6. Chronic Kidney Disease     7. Colostomy                        8. Creatinine                          9. Kidney Cysts                   10. Bladder Pain Syndrome 11. Diabetes Insipidus         12. Diabetic Kidney Problems 13. Dialysis                         14. Dysuria                         15. Granulomatosis with …….Polyangitis                         16. Hematuria                     17. Hemodialysis                  18. Hypernephroma            19. Ostomy                          20. Renal Cancer                21. Renal Disease
  10. Female Reproductive System This system not only supplies the eggs, but it houses the space or uterus for a baby to develop during a 9 month gestation period by the transportation of sperm from the male.  This process is supported by the transportation of the gametes producing a sex hormone.  This system is located at the apex of the leg called the vulva, and travels inside up towards the pelvis and branches off into two sets of ovaries and fallopian tubes, and then the female hormones signal the lactation process to develop in the breast area.        1. Endometriosis                  2. Pelvic Inflammatory ….Disease                                3. Prolapsed Uterus              4. Abdominal Pregnancy       5. Amenorrhea                     6. Infertility                         7. Vaginitis                           8. Breast Cancer                  9. Yeast Infection               10. Cervical Cancer            11. Cervical Dysplasia         12. Cervix Disorders           13. Menopause                   14. Chlamydia Infections      15. Gonorrhea                    16. Genital Warts               17. Crab Lice                      18. Pelvic Support Problems 19. Dysfunctional Uterine …  .Bleeding                            20. Dysmenorrhea              21. Dyspareunia                  22. Ectopic Pregnancy        23. Endometrial Cancer      24. ERT (Hormone …….Replacement Therapy)  25. Estrogen Replacement …….Therapy                             26. Female Infertility          27. Female Sexual …….Dysfunction                  28. Fibrocystic Breast Disease 29. Fibroids                        30. Genital Herpes             31. Gestational Diabetes       32. Gestational Hypertension 33. Gynecomastia               34. Herpes Simplex             35. High Blood Pressure in …….Pregnancy                          36. High Risk Pregnancy      37. HIV/AIDS and Pregnancy 38. HRT                              39. Hot Flashes/Menopause  40. Human Papillomavirus   41. Ovarian Cancer             42. PMS/PMDD                    43.
  11. Male Reproductive System With several organs working together to produce male gamete sex hormones that eventually come out into semen and little sperm fertilizing the egg when given permission by the female.   1. Epididymal Cysts              2. Epididymo Orchitis            3. Torsion of the Testi           4. Cancer of the Testis          5. Varicocele                         6. Hydrocele                        7. Phimosis                          8. Balanitis                           9. Priapism                         10. Peyronie’s Disease            11. Cancer of the Penis
  12. Integumentary System This system is the first line of defense with the skin cross-section, the hair, nails, exocrine system such as the sweat glands, sebaceous glands in the hair and skin, and it protects the body from UV light, chemicals and physical damage.
  13. Basal Cell Carcinoma
  14. Scabies
  15. Rosacea
  16. Ringworm
  17. Melanoma
  18. Acne
  19. Psoriasis/Eczema/….Dermatitis
  20. Warts
  21. Vitiligo
  22. Rashes
  23. Bacterial Infections
  24. Viral Infections
  25. Decubitus Ulcers
  26. Bullae
  27. Birthmarks
  28. Moles
  29. Cancers

CH 5


When I educate about viruses being intentionally introduced to the body, some have reported vaccines are one of the many ways viruses and extra fungi are introduced. Others have reported airborne viruses have been intentionally introduced as well, because the body has also been compromised due to the vaccines and those viruses were able to enter the weakened immune system.  This may seem like a shocking theory, but I will touch upon it later.  Candida overload is when the system is being overtaken by a fungus fed by sugars and heavy metals, and Candida with viruses attached may be programmed to attack specific organs and hormones, which does eventually result in health issues.  Arguably, the medical community will say the DNA and RNA directly or indirectly determine which organs get attacked.  I theorize otherwise.  However, viruses made up of proteins can be programmed to trigger relative to the DNA sequences and the intention of Biotechnology.  If Biotechnology can create drugs to alter body processes when managing symptoms, they can also alter viruses to be programmed any way they see fit.  If a transgender can take hormones to alter their body functions to fit their desires, viruses can be programmed to target those hormones as well.  Much to my dismay, I have questioned parts of the medical industry regarding genetics, Cancer and disease, and found there were some inconsistencies regarding virus proliferation, vaccine efficacy, genetics and biotechnology.  In this instance, my biggest question and concern, is what or who determines which organs get attacked when the immune system is compromised by Candida overload.  Some of the government websites tied to academia has professed genetic mutations happen in families which subsequently only some family members pass down and trigger sickness.  First of all, genetics are what makes up a person’s aesthetics proportional to their body height and weight.  Aesthetics include, eye color, skin color, hair color, and ear and nose and mouth construction at the time of birth, so as long as there are no aggressive anomalies impacting the growth process.  Those are genetics that do get passed down from generation to generation, and aesthetics do change over time relative to the race of both mother and father.  This is the only thing that gets passed down, physically from parent to the child.  Second of all, you can alter that process temporarily using very aggressive external actions, such as vaccines and environmental pollution. However, if left to its natural state with no negative aggressive external actions, those genetics do not mutate, because the process has already been laid out upon specific conditions housed in the DNA and RNA.  Lately, the medical community has stated otherwise.  They do this for a very specific reason.  The medical community has stated genetics are subject to mutations due to the lifestyle and harsh chemical exposure to the parents.  While that may be true, on some level; the medical community does not tell you maybe that mutagenesis is only temporary.  Hence, that is why most people believe they have zero control over their illnesses, which was told to them was tied to their genetic code. This thought process was intentionally planted in to the public conscience over a long period of time, and taught in public and private school.   Arguably, the medical community has been accused of even perpetuating mutations.  The human body is a very complex process with a world within the world you live in. When two different worlds not meant to be synthesized together are forced to mix, anomalies will happen based upon the intent or it could be an accident.  Toxins and virulent bacteria have their own balance, world, cells, organs and glands.  The body also has its own world and balance.  When too many toxins are introduced to the human body, their mission is to feed and overtake the current system.  This process will conflict with the cells and organs within your body, and that is why the immune system exists, if taken care of properly.  If you can recall my explanation of predator and prey, and environmental balance regarding the lion and zebra, and the mushrooms in Ohio, this will make sense.  The body is an ecosystem with every player taking part in an overall process which naturally balances itself out based upon external conditions.  If even one player is off, due to external events, the balance is off and a chain reaction of events does happen to compensate for that anomaly.  A temporary genetic mutation is exactly how the ecosystems of your body tell you it is off balance and please do something about it.  What if I told you the medical community is a business with a CEO and Board of Directors with the goal of a high profit margin and use the term “genetic mutation” as a term of permanence?  Now envision what I described in the introduction about the business and all the players, and how to improve cross functional communication for the maximum output.  Take a step now to envision your body acting like a business.  As yourself as the CEO, reacting to the symptoms of your business, also known as your body and the decisions you make, you also bring to the board. This will be a direct reflection of your body’s profit margin, or maximum output.  Let us say an aggressive, negative external event introduced a glitch in the business process of the company and the business process of your body.  The outcome will manifest into negative symptoms.  The premise of the medical/Holistic community is to react and remedy only the glitch.  Arguably, they are intentionally withholding arguments as to why the glitch happened in the first place, with a quick superficial education on how to manage the symptom expeditiously using their dependent methods. Your funds are being diverted to fix the problem, not benefit your world with maximum output, which in turn, could positively translate into money and security for your family, but now, you have to divert funds from your loved ones.  In a company, a good CEO will figure out what external forces impacted the company as a whole to understand where the glitch happened, but many CEOs use consultants to determine workarounds, or temporary fixes to keep the process moving, even if the process has been compromised.  And, some CEOs would rather save money and use the workaround rather than overhauling the company as a whole, to correct the glitch.  It may be more cost effective to the CEO to keep the workaround in place, initially, but over time it proves to be detrimental to the business process, the output and ultimately, customer satisfaction, because now funds are being diverted to keep this workaround in place, allowing more room for error as the business grows.  As far as the medical community keeping the glitches in place, they benefit from not telling you why the glitch happened, and charging you for a workaround process that is far more profitable than fixing you forever, and educating you to stay away from their practices.  I have also since noticed the emphasis on diet and exercise as a workaround method to get “healthy”.  There is a reason for this when you look at the multi-billion dollar industry of gyms and fad diets.  Earlier in this section, I mentioned Candida as the underlying cause of all Cancer and disease.  Candida feeds off excess sugars in the body and the heavy metals in the air that enter into the body, and food supply a person is exposed to.  The workaround process promoted by Holistic and health professionals are temporary remedies which mask the symptoms but never getting to the root cause.  I have noticed airborne molds and fungus begin attacking low immune systems, during cold and flu season.  The reason being is the flu shot is heavily promoted during that time. The most popular way to introduce fungus and mold and other toxins into the system is arguably vaccinations.  Have you ever seen statistics in the medical community when it comes to effectiveness and efficacy regarding over the counter or prescription drugs, or reactive methods to remedy symptoms?    The medical community never says one medication is 100% effective, because they have already told the public their genetics have a lot to do with the efficacy.  They say the flu shot is 30% effective due to whatever strain is prevalent.  They say they cannot pinpoint the strain you may be exposed to or your DNA did not allow the vaccine to work correctly, so a one size fits all method is advertised, and you just cross your fingers your body will “accept” the vaccine.  Does this seem convenient to the masses who are brainwashed into getting a flu shot?  There are many people who have very low standards and expectations from the medical industry, because they are so used to being sick, and it is a huge undertaking trying to hold Biotechnology accountable for all the damage done in the world.  Biotechnology and the medical health professionals purport vaccines saves people from the virus you are taking the vaccine for, and proposes that everyone should take vaccines.  It is a little irresponsible for the biotechnology community, with undoubtable access to large amounts of data, promote a one-size-fits-all method when they have access to the Human Genome Project, which is a 13-year-long, publicly funded project initiated in 1990, with the objective of determining the DNA sequence of the entire Euchromatic human genome within 15 years.  This tells me we are all the same with a few superficial differences relative to environmental exposures, because if everyone was that different, they would have to test every single person in the world to make up that database.  And, even though they say they are still researching how different drugs interact with the trillion different types of DNA and RNA, it is a very convenient to blame the individual for why the drug did not work, instead of telling their client the truth.  One the other hand, why would Biotechnology tell their clients the real reason people experience deadly side effects with drugs that only work part of the time managing symptoms, making it necessary for more drugs?  Take a minute to think about that for a minute.  When Biotechnology tout percentages of efficacy, it gives them a lack of accountability when health issues arise from their methods, and of course it inflates their bottom line when they scare everyone into taking that method of protection that does not “work” for everyone, and arguably will trigger other health issues later.  On the other hand, some people assume their vaccine worked, because they did not get sick.  I know people who are afflicted with autoimmune disorder in their 30s were hardly ever sick in childhood.  This is a very unsafe assumption that the vaccines worked because you were not sick and I will touch upon that later.   Furthermore, before the measles vaccine became part of the public conscience, mothers of children were told to expose their children to the measles virus in lieu of catching a “deadly” version, because allegedly it strengthened their immune system, and so they would not die from the deadlier version.  Other arguments for the vaccine industry is alive or dead viruses are in the ingredients manipulating your immune system to function and create antibodies to protect itself from that specific external antigen making its way into the body when exposed.  Both of those methods are the wrong way to view the human body and how it processes your lifestyle daily.   The human body has its’ own defense mechanisms when exposed to carcinogens and the first line of defense is the skin.  The second line of defense is your nose, mouth and hair, and the mucus membrane that lines the mouth, and the nose as well as the small hairs housed in those regions.  Those are an extra layer of defense from air borne antigen exposure.  The third line of defense is how well your body fights against antigen and fungus and carcinogens it is exposed to daily internally.  Many people have no idea how their body works on the inside or what it does.  They might vaguely remember human anatomy class in elementary school and high school with some college, however, not enough information was disclosed to the people to have them trust their own body, and what to do to keep it healthy independent of health practitioners.  This is why the huge push for flu vaccines around the Fall to Winter targeting everyone, and this is to include all vaccines pushed before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy.  Furthermore, the biggest argument regarding the vaccine promotion is the mitigation of the Polio virus.   I am now going to introduce a controversial argument regarding how vaccines were used to boost sales.  Good sanitation mitigated the propagation of the Polio virus, not the vaccine.  The Polio virus outbreaks in the U.S. or in the west were most likely staged propaganda brought to you by the makers of the vaccines, who injected the virus directly into a certain amount of humans by way of the vaccines to boost sales, and that is why you may have witnessed a few people afflicted. However, the medical community will say the people afflicted never received the polio vaccine, and on the other hand, other vaccines did get administered at the time, and the medical community, who promoted the vaccines at the time, will also say it has a certain percentage of efficacy, so if you do get afflicted, you fell into that “said” percentage. If you never were afflicted with the virus and received the injection, your automatic thought process was the vaccine “protected” you. These are dangerous assumptions and maybe check out your health today, because if your health is not so good, you may be experiencing back door triggers coming into fruition based upon your lifestyle, which can most likely predict when negative health events happen. You can pass on allergies and viruses to your child, even if you weren’t vaccinated, but someone in your family was and they passed the virus down to you.  Vaccines are part of the reasons why kids get allergies and diseases, but also unvaccinated kids with parents and grandparents exposed to viruses and bacteria at some point in their life, will also succumb to symptoms if not addressed correctly.  Bad gut bacteria and bad gut health which is Candida overload, are the reasons why viruses, bacteria, diseases and Cancer get passed down from family member to family member regardless. How did I come to this conclusion based on the countless Political Actions Committees questioning the efficacy of vaccines and genetically modified foods?  When I first was introduced to the argument vaccines subvert the natural process of immunity, I took that ball and ran with it because it does make sense.  The body was not meant to be jumpstarted artificially to force the immune system to work.  Molecules, cells, proteins and organs, and nutrition all factor into the proper functioning of the human body.  Even if a person injected with a vaccine may not exhibit symptoms from the injection right away, does not mean it will not affect the body’s system at a later time, triggering when it’s programmed to.  Later, you will learn about Protein Docking with virus microbes attaching to Candida fungi that do get passed down from generation to generation and those microbes are programmed to trigger in specific conditions.  The fear of death and disease in the people has given Biotechnology full access to manipulate people’s bodies because the population forgets their body was actually made perfect if it was treated correctly and balanced.  What is balance relative to this thought process?  Balance is when all the organs and systems in the body all work in concert together to create a particular outcome.  The outcome is relative to expectation and our society seems to be redefining norms and mainstreaming anomalies.  Remember a time when you felt so good and you ate whatever you wanted and stayed up as late as you wanted without fatigue the next day.  Most likely it was when you were in college or right out of high school.  You may have had a cold once a year but it was nothing you could not handle and you were back in the game in no time.  You could work long hours at the office, go drinking with your friends right after a 12 hour day and get up and do it all over again for years.  Now think back to the time when you started to notice weird things happening like the common cold lasting a little longer, or a weird rash appeared out of nowhere or your bathroom habits were becoming more frequent and very messy.  Those are little red flags that do get ignored because you have access to “professionals” who could prescribe you a medication to fix those symptoms of an underlying cause.  You walk down to the local drug store and get an over the counter remedy and maybe a prescriptions drug for an STD. Over time, as you get older, those symptoms of an underlying cause become more frequent and more severe and now you need tests done and drugs are prescribed daily to manage those symptoms.  Sometimes, a person may get those more aggressive severe symptoms at a very early age and they are on drug therapy at the age of 13 instead of age 35.  Sometimes, even newborns are on drug therapy forever due to an organ transplant and have to be on immune suppressing pharmaceutical drugs forever so the body does not reject the transplant, which is seen as an invader and it is never a good idea for aggressive Probiotics to be introduced to a person on immune suppressing drugs for a transplant. The Probiotics would try to detox that organ, or invader out of the system because it is seen as an invader.  For other issues not related to pain management, steroids used for temporary relief in occupational situations or immune suppressing drugs, aggressive Probiotics, mentioned in Chapter 2, never get introduced by the health professionals.  It would interfere with their business model because if their patients understood the awesome percentage of efficacy of Probiotics, the health practitioner would never see their patients again.  Aggressive Probiotics in the medical world are only talked about vaguely in peer reviewed articles as possible management tool.  Not guaranteed and they only manage symptoms.  That little seed of doubt by those said professionals does not get missed and the patient will not press the issue.  Or, the health practitioners will only say Probiotic supplements should only be used for yeast infections or digestive issues, but they prescribe those Probiotic supplements in small dosages to only take care of symptoms, not reversing the illness. Or the Probiotic supplements and shakes have been altered to only be 20% effective relative to your issue.  To reiterate earlier, aggressive Probiotics will neutralize immune suppressing drugs used for transplant patients rendering the transplant ineffective as the body finds ways to attack the invading organ.  Once more, patients who are on pain management depend on series of steroid shots used to give them relief so they can go to work and survive, also cannot use aggressive Probiotics because those steroids are toxins and the Probiotics will render them ineffective.  Let us circle back to the few arguments why people get sick such as epigenetics, vaccines, and imbalanced external environments, such as heavy pollutions.  Let us revisit the argument vaccines are just one of the ways of why people fall ill.  First of all, what is in a vaccine?  A good way to know what is in a vaccine is to first, read the inserts, if you can access it at the time of injection, or go online to the makers of that vaccine and research it.  You will see egg proteins, sugars and gelatins (feeds candida), aluminum salts (heavy metals feeds candida), formaldehyde, and neomycin.  Vaccines just lay the ticking time bomb, and vaccines rely on horrible gut health to pass those diseases onto the next generation. This is why some people react adversely to the vaccine right away and why others feel fine. It is truly the vaccine lotto.  If everyone got sick from the vaccine right away, it would be a hard sell to the population.  Some people get sick months later when it finally triggers or some people develop autoimmune disorders and food allergies when all the conditions are favorable.  How exactly do viruses and bacteria and fungi attach to each other and multiply so fast, enough to trigger anomalies in the body?  We will next explore how the Candida and the virus and bacteria all work together.

Candida is nothing more than a fungus made up of cells, molecules and proteins.  It is neither a plant nor an animal, but it is similar to a plant; however, it does not make its own chlorophyll.  It derives nutrients from its host or surroundings, much like a parasite would.  Yeast is the form before Candida turns into Candida.  Yeast is a type of fungus the human body needs to clean the blood stream from waste, toxins and parasites, and extra sugars.  When the environment in the body becomes too acidic from too much processed sugars and simple carbohydrates, and other toxic exposures, the yeast turn into Candida which is yeast overgrowth, plaguing the body.  Then the Candida eat all the nutrients in the body,  as well as break down cell walls and destroys organs, and hinder system body processes from working correctly.  For example, BPA or Bisphenol A, is an Endocrine system hormone disruptor, and the chemical in this industrial waste product mimics hormones to turn hormone secretions on and off, mutating the body negatively.  Bisphenol A is a chemical compound found in some plastics and other industrial products, and there is has been a huge backlash regarding the usage of it. People are becoming more aware of the poisons in the industry that do mimic hormones.  Viruses and virulent bacteria cannot survive alone by themselves; they need a host.  Host cells are Candida as the Candida is yeast overgrowth and the viruses introduced to the body attach to the host cell, Candida. It is spread by the amount of Candida, because viruses do not feed, as they are not alive; they are microbes that can multiply very fast. Candida allows that to happen given it created the environment for viruses to multiply.  Cells are made up of proteins, atoms, molecules and amino acids, and amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins.  When you have specific host cells that allow certain microbes to dock together, mutations or temporary mutagenesis happens when organs and body processes are affected by those host cells, and microbes or viruses.  “(Virus) Attachment to host cell is mediated by virion protein(s) binding to specific host surface molecule(s) such as membrane proteins, lipids, or the carbohydrate moieties present either on glycoproteins or glycolipids.  Binding to the target host molecule(s) leads to viral genome entry into the host cell, triggers signaling pathways, or allows the virion to be carried by host cells to a specific organ”.  This process is called protein docking and this is what the Schools of Pharmacology does when they “research”. They experiment with viruses and host cells like Candida, and they model what the outcome would be when specific proteins dock to different host cells, and what organs can be programmed for attack using industry specific software.  Once they report their findings, Biotechnology uses their information to create their products, and they forward those products onto the medical establishments who are on the front lines working with the people afflicted.  However, if an industry has an agenda to program microbes to alter hormones and body processes to reverse symptoms of the diseases they may have created, maybe they are aware of good bacteria called Lactobacillus Bifidobacterium, to not only protect the body proactively, but to also neutralize those viruses used to alter specific organs and flush those bugs out of the body. Lactobacillus Bifidobacterium is the predator of Candida. Every predator must have a predator to keep the ecosystem in balance. Why is sickness prevalent?   There are people who gave Academia and Biotechnology the permission to program microbes to change organs and hormones, and the food supply has also been engineered to feed the fungus which is changing and altering people’s bodies.  This is just now coming to light and people are learning, homemade Probiotics is one of the weaponry people need to go into battle to fight these microbes.  “Mycology is the study of fungi – it is a branch of biology. A Mycologist studies fungi’s genes, biochemical properties, their use to us as a source of food, hallucinogenic, poisonous and pathogenic (ability to cause disease) properties. It was not until the 16th century, when the microscope was developed, that Mycology became a “well-established science” and “Ability to cause disease.”  This is something to think about – if homemade Probiotics can neutralize pathogenic viruses and fungi and bacteria, why do you think the people are sicker now more than ever?  And, how do these virulent toxins become introduced to the population to sustain anomalies to the human body and environment?

I was doing research one night regarding Candida Albicans and found many types of Candida which manifests into different diseases of the organs.  I ran across Candida Glabrata/Dubliniensis and researched Academia websites, and government websites and came across some very disturbing information regarding the AIDS virus, and how it initially came about.  It fit within my thought process regarding how the human body works, how the population sustains illnesses through different methods of transmissions such as, vaccines, lowered immune systems and environmental toxins.  However, we need to look deeper and figure out how these viruses get introduced to a population.  Everyone in the world comes into contact with trillions and trillions of microbes, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.  Humanity does live on and third world countries have not died off from lack of Western medicine.  This tells me, someone, somewhere is utilizing opportunistic fungi as a weapon, with deadly microbes attached, and those together are being purposefully introduced to a very small population enough to induce fear in larger population justifying “proactive methods” like poisonous vaccines.  However, like I said earlier in Chapter 2, if a virus, dead or alive is in the vaccine ingredients and it is injected somewhere in the family tree, and if the family has no knowledge of Probiotics aggressively done, that virus lays dormant in the yeast which turns into Candida over time as the immune system lowers, and triggers when all the right conditions are met.  For example, if a baby can be passed a virus from the mother, if the mother had bad gut bacteria at the time of pregnancy, the baby will exhibit some kind of inflammation from that virus sooner or later relative to lifestyle, belief systems and routines.  With this being said, if the AIDS virus can be passed from mother to child during pregnancy, this leaves room for any virus to be passed down from mother to child regardless if they both received a vaccine or not.  This is true because if the child exhibits inflammation without aggressive external anomalies during gestation and post-partum, most likely that virus laid dormant in the mother’s bad gut bacteria, also known as Candida Glabrata/Dubliniensis (AIDS Virus), from prior exposure in the family tree and the mother passed it on.  From my opinion this tells me, the AIDS virus is not that prevalent or communicable or you would have a high population of AIDS babies being born.  This is what I found online regarding Candida Glabrata and the connection to the AIDS virus.

‘The History of Candida Glabrata.’

The fortunate thing about Glabrata is that it is a very rare form of fungus that is almost never seen in the general population. It was discovered during the 1980’s, when the AIDS population came to awareness. Prior to that, the AIDS virus had never been found in humans. Once the HIV population became infected, the fungi were impregnated in hospitals all over the country. Through the 1990’s, the only people identified with this infection were the critically ill and immune compromised population, end-stage HIV or end-stage Cancer patients in ICU units. With compromised immune systems these patients had no resistance to the fungus, and unfortunately; the mortality rate was 100%.  By the early 2000’s, a new population of people were beginning to show up with C. Glabrata, only now it had moved beyond the immune comprised HIV and end-stage Cancer patients. A study in 2010, found that 73% of C. Glabrata cases occurred in patients previously given fluoroquinolones. This new, previously healthy group of people falling ill to Glabrata had all been treated with a broad spectrum fluoroquinolone antibiotic often in conjunction with a steroid. Steroid treatment alone is a risk factor for the C. Glabrata infection. According to my current physicians, when fluoroquinolones are combined with steroids, the risk for contracting C. Glabrata increases significantly.

In essence, what I took from the paragraph above was the AIDS virus was intentionally introduced in the gay population in San Francisco with a few straight people afflicted, then it was mainstreamed by Magic Johnson who survived it and other celebrities who died from it like Freddie Mercury.  I could be wrong as strange things do happen all over the world that may be hard to explain.  The AIDS virus now is more prevalent in hospitals with severely immunocompromised patients on very strong synthetic antibiotics, which lowers the immune system.  It is like the AIDS virus all but disappeared like the Ebola Virus scare in 2014.  This was all over the news a few years ago and then disappeared.

I would now you like for you to know my theory how AIDS and other viruses are introduced to a population. The experiments used in Pharmacology with the method of protein docking are when a host cells is docked to a specific virus, and they both multiply and do damage together. They influence each other to destroy the environment it is in. The environment is the human body. How does it get into the human body, because you know the human body does not produce those types of malevolent viruses and there is no suicide contract in the DNA sequences? Vaccines as well as human guinea pigs also known as patient zero, are the methods of which outbreaks happen in populations or someone tainted the blood supply with different viruses.  And, the viruses that were not airborne spread through IV drug users, blood transfusions back then (now the AIDS virus is tested with each blood donation) and vaccines. Airborne viruses attacking low immune systems happen a lot with unvaccinated kids and vaccinated kids.  Is it possible someone taint vaccines with different viruses? The answer is yes.  Anything is possible when humans are involved.  Checks and balances do not always work or we would live in a corrupt free utopian society.  If you understand how the human body works, the body does not just materialize a virus and outbreaks do not just materialize in one human who is patient zero. Patient zero does not just materialize a virulent fungus and people do not just get it airborne, unless it is a respiratory virus, but even then respiratory viruses are not deadly unless you have no immune system working for you at all.  I also question bodily fluid exchanges, because if a virus is that communicable by common social interactions whole cities would die off anywhere near patient zero and anyone who patient zero was in contact with.  This is why I am convinced viruses are introduced in an intentional way and only very severely immunocompromised people like Stage 4 Cancer patients would succumb to the illness, or anyone on immune suppressing drugs like transplant patients and people on steroid shots for pain management.  Viruses effecting humans come in many different varieties and they attack different parts of the body.  I have read many of these viruses and fungi are found in nature, and they only inflict illness with people who may have open wounds or a lowered immune system.  If this were the case, would not everyone who gets a cut or scrape with a lowered immune system be afflicted with a deadly virus?  There are sexually transmitted diseases such as the Herpes Virus and Human Papilloma Virus, which are both still a virus and they are not deadly.  There is influenza virus popular during the cold and flu season.  The measles, mumps, shingles and mononucleosis are all just viruses.  They are very benign viruses only deadly to people who are severely immunocompromised on immune suppressing drugs or Stage 4 Cancer.  There are other viruses out there that attack the nervous system in people and children such as polio, spinal meningitis, etc.  If you recall my tables of the human body system functions and the diseases associated, you can see what types of disease are very prevalent.  How is it not everyone who is exposed to all these viruses not being afflicted with illness?  I mentioned earlier, protein docking as a method of experimentation used in Pharmacology within the higher education community, under the guise of research. After doing some careful research I found HIV-1 may have been manufactured in a lab using Candida Albicans, as the host cells for the fact they are researching and describing their findings in labs within Academia.

Example of Protein Docking in a Laboratory Experiment

“HIV-1 and its transmembrane protein gp41 bind to different Candida species modulating adhesion.  Recently, binding of the HIV-1 envelope protein gp160 and its subunit gp41, and also of the whole virus itself, to Candida albicans has been shown. The present study shows that, in addition to C. albicans, HIV-1 gp41 also binds to yeast and hyphal forms of Candida dubliniensis, a species which is closely related to C. albicans, and to Candida tropicalis but not to Candida krusei, Candida glabrata or Saccharomyces cerevisiae.”

Candida is the perfect host for viruses to dock and hitch and multiply and destroy everything in its path.  There are many different types of Candida with viruses programmed to attack different organs and that is why you see such diverse medical issues in families exposed to Western medicine at some point in their life.

How exactly did I figure this out?  It was not like Biotech called me and told me their formula for dependency.  I realized that vaccines are just one way to inject pollution into a human body for profit.  Biotech can charge on the frontend as well as on the backend, when the person needs medical care from the vaccine triggers.  Google is an excellent tool to use when finding out good information and bad information.  I knew which sites were credible as far as foundational concepts regarding terms and concepts.  I trained my brain to look for the business behind the agenda when it came to Biotechnology, because there is tremendous profit in the healthcare industry.  Academia and Biotechnology do have a cozy relationship together because Biotechnology is a business, and they want their employees trained in a very specific way.  These companies look for employees who already know the business behind the industry as well as foundational concepts so the company can maximize their profits using their employee’s skills and capabilities to understand what the company’s mission is.  Biotechnology knows Candida and fungal infections are the underlying cause of all Cancer and diseases, because the NIH of Health has a database of all the peer reviewed articles which houses all the scientific names for each fungi and their classifications, diseases and Cancers associated, and they list out different methods used to manage or reverse symptoms.  Every time I search a disease with Candida attached to the disease name, Candida was common denominator or a type of fungus.  I noticed also, Candida was either a symptom or it was a fungus infection associated some virulent fungus already classified. Candida is a fungus and it is in the family of other virulent fungi.  Biotechnology, also knows that Candida feeds off of sugar, sugar substitutes and heavy metals.  How do I know Biotech knows, because Candida Albican is all over the databases in Biotechnology and it is the crux of all illness and it feeds off of toxic bodies.  The heavy metal toxicity and sugars both feed the Candida and all over the internet people are trying to heavy metal detox and try the Candida diet omitting all sugar type of things even fruit to get rid of the overgrowth.  These methods are not effective and over time, the Candida comes back.

Our food supply is riddled with heavy metals like high fructose corn syrup, which is a derivative of mercury.  Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) can have certain virus triggers once it latches onto Candida overload.  We learned this earlier in the chapter regarding protein docking.  Vaccines have a certain amount of heavy metals and sugars, and the air is full of heavy metal toxins, spores and bacteria that enter our body through the nose, mouth and open wounds.  Biotechnology is in the business of creating health issues and creating drugs to reverse the symptoms of those issues with no intention of reversing illnesses.   As I said before earlier in this section, Biotechnology likes to use the word “genetics” as a way to steer people away from exploring the reasons why Cancers and diseases are so prevalent, now more than ever.  If people think they have zero control over their genetics, not realizing the mutation of their genetics is temporary, they will do nothing to explore how to independently reverse it.  Those people will continue to listen to the doctors and nurses who were taught by Academia, who in turn are paid handsomely by the endowment funds propagated by huge multibillion dollar corporations in the business of Cancer, disease and sickness.  The food supply is tainted with their heavy metals as well as the organics industry.  There are many political campaigns that have sprung up because of Biotechnology mutating the environment and the human body. One of the campaigns is the Anti-GMO grassroots organizations and the anti-vaccine movement which have become very popular within the last 5 to 10 years, since I have been on social media.  There are health groups and Political Action Committees backing the platform for informed consent for vaccines, as well as eradication of the practice altogether and complaining to the CDC and the FDA for allowing these dangerous practices to be had.  The Anti-GMO groups are targeting Biotech companies and the FDA for allowing Biotechnology to practice poisoning the planet and people, and allowing Biotechnology to subvert nature by creating genetically modified fruits and veggies.  When I first learned about the anti-vaccine movement, I was also interested in the Holistic methods industry because it seems those two industries work together for a reason.  I noticed a growing number of naturopathic and Holistic practitioners getting their name mainstreamed in these alternative health groups, and I did temporarily jump on the band wagon.  I interacted with people who were pro-vaccine and pointed out the business of dependency behind the Allopathic industry.  I also interacted with people who were anti-vaccine chiding all of their friends and family.   I also researched the raw vegan groups looking for information to see if what they had to say.  I started to eat only organic, raw and vegetarian, then I stopped when I saw no difference how I felt.  I threw away all of my toxic beauty products and cleansers, and explored the essentials oils market.  I did not know how big of a market the essential oils market is and hundreds of different multilevel marketing companies sprung from the essential oils market, and the supplements industry.  They would tout their product cured Cancer and disease, and I saw many of my friends fall victim to this false hope and I saw and experienced how expensive it is to buy organic, and be on 20 different supplements daily. I never did reverse my PMDD of chronic illness using those methods.  It was false hope, because I noticed no one mention Candida as the crux of all of their health issues.  Yes, maybe these oils and supplements did reverse the symptoms, and maybe put someone’s Cancer in remission like Chemotherapy does on occasion, but there was not enough information or follow up if that person did not suffer a relapse later with the same issue or different issues later.   Little did I realize, the Holistic industry practices the same methods because they are licensed professionals with schooling and other credentials backed by the U.S. government.  When you think about how much the schooling cost, how much it costs to get individual licenses, you will see the business behind these industries.  These doctors and nurses rely on repeat business. Not only are they expensive and some insurance companies do not cover it, but they also live in the percentage of efficacy in their methods.  They do not guarantee a complete reversal with your issues and lots of these practitioners have their own supply of supplements they sell as well as work in partnership with some of the supplements industry.  Both of their intentions is to manage your symptoms either through allopathic prescription medicines, or Holistic allopathic supplements, or using mother nature to stop the infection or symptoms immediately, not getting to the root cause to completely reverse the illness forever.  I noticed with the allopathic medications, like over the counter drugs or prescriptions drugs, these methods only manage symptoms, until the body slowly heals itself, but still left open for more virus afflictions.  There are side effects to the over-the-counter drugs, supplements and prescription drugs, even though they might alleviate immediate severe symptoms now. Additionally, sugar, starches and heavy metals permeate the over the counter drugs, supplements and prescriptions drugs either in the active ingredients or the inactive ingredients.  Inactive ingredients are a misnomer because once those ingredients enter your body, chemical processes happen.  I have seen in the ingredients of popular drugs advertised on TV, such as prescription drug A, housing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as an “inactive” ingredient and corn starch or other starches and sugars, which also feed Candida, and is the crux of all Cancer, and disease on the planet.  On the flipside, Holistic methods such as ginger, or dandelion root, garlic, colloidal silver, oregano oil and countless other herbs and extracts, all have a certain amount of antiseptic and antibacterial, and antibiotic qualities, which in essence, retard cell regeneration.  They do nothing to add to the body such as the good gut bacteria (Probiotics) which not only neutralizes fungus and viruses, but also rebuilds broken cells and damaged organs.  They also repair broken and damaged cells and reverse Cancer, disease, chronic illness, and keep away the common flu and cold.  When I see friends of mine taking Colloidal silver daily or ginger, garlic and silver daily, they are not adding anything to help repair the broken cells from the toxins that are resulting in the lowered immune system triggered by Candida overload.  In essence, every time they administer 11th hour remedies, they work from a diminished capacity because they are hindering cell regeneration.  Each time a person feels they must use silver or a prescription drug to manage symptoms, the Candida took a bite out of their system and their 11th hour remedy may have temporarily stopped the infection.  Each time Candida takes a bite and you do nothing to rebuild those cells, your body starts breaking down prematurely.  The food supply is not enough to repair and detoxify the body, because even vegans and vegetarians experience Cancer, disease and manage symptoms just like the people who may not be vegans or vegetarians.  In essence, if you have not healed your gut, diet changes will be of no use to you because Candida populates very quickly.  We do not live in a pure and clean society free from pollutions.  Our bodies are exposed to environmental toxins daily, and even though we may have complex body process meant to handle these ongoing issues, eventually, the body and organs within are taxed to the point of temporary mutation if fungus takes over in the absence of needed good bacteria to keep the body in balance.  Without implementing some kind of aggressive detoxification process that allows the body to purge the toxins and Candida, and repair broken cells done by the damage of proliferate Candida, which is yeast, necessary for the body, but is virulent when out of control, the organs will cease to function effectively and that is why Cancer, disease and maladies happen.  I remember learning about small pox and the Cherokee Indians, and how sick they were when they first encountered the Spanish on their land.  The Indians only ate and created their own home remedies based upon need, and since their environment was relatively pristine, they had no need for large amounts of natural antibiotics to fight against the tidal wave of pollution they encountered.  Conversely, Montezuma’s Revenge is the pollutions in Mexico of different strains of viruses and bacteria in the food and water supply due to their sanitation practices. On the flipside, now that the Americans have created a great water system and a great sewage system, we are not exposed to as many other viruses and parasites that Mexico is exposed to currently so when we go and visit Mexico and drink the water, we get Montezuma’s Revenge otherwise known as flu-like diarrhea symptoms.   If a tourist does not find a way to make homemade Probiotics to arm their system even more when they go down there, they will succumb to their human pollution which may be a bit more egregious than what they are used to.  With this being said, even with all the different reactions to stimulus based upon our daily exposure, the human body is not all that different all over the world and mainstream science does corroborate that up to a point. Their agenda will justify why they must promote the “genetic differences” between all people, even if those genetic differences are only superficial like eye color and hair color.  If people do not question, these predatory industries will take advantage of your bank account and the future of your family.


CH 6


The Human Genome Project, which was a 13-year-long, publicly funded project initiated in 1990 with the objective of determining the DNA sequence of the entire Euchromatic human genome within 15.  Their purpose was to gather all the DNA sequences in the entire world to justify the funding of their project for more drug creations in Biotechnology, to target different people, or to create problems in different people subsequently justifying the drug creations which will reverse the symptoms.  If Biotechnology and the School of Pharmacology experiment using computer models to test out outcomes of protein docking, then these methods can be used for good and possibly for evil, based on the intention.  Furthermore, Biotechnology companies create solvents for industrial uses, makeup, cleansers, foods, drinks and bathroom products, all tested on humans and animals.  They are aware of the DNA sequences in humans and animals, and how these chemicals effect and mutate the DNA immediately, and over time.  With that kind of knowledge, it is very surprising we still have to deal with Cancer and disease, and chronic illness today with the amount of data we have acquired over decades of research and funding, from all sorts of campaigns.  It seems that Cancer, disease and chronic illness is a huge business, and there is no money when the population is well and forward thinking, and calm.  Psychology, psychiatry, the Holistic industry and the allopathic industry, all make very good money off of a sick population. The food supply and the lack of knowledge of good gut bacteria like Probiotics used aggressively has kept generations of people extremely sick and drug dependent.  Pollutions from industrial waste products, airborne particles from oil refineries burning their smoke stacks and the exhaust fumes from older cars, also contribute to the pollution we breathe in on a daily basis.  When those heavy metals enter into our bodies and we have large amounts of Candida overload, those heavy metals feed the Candida. The fungi multiply and sickness appears.  Sometimes this manifests into cold and flu, other times it manifests into asthma and sometimes, lung Cancer is triggered if the body is at its tipping point, such as imminent death.  When the accumulation of all those environmental pollutions and the vaccine exposure, as well as prescription drugs and all the chemicals in the beauty supplies, bathroom products , kitchen products, laundry soap and cleansers and the food supply; the body does reach a point of almost no return. Most people start experiencing little anomalies such as headaches, aches, pains, shortness of breath, stomach aches, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, constipation, coughing, muscle aches and pains, anxiety, heart attacks, and severe hormone fluctuations, etc.  Balding can happen in men and menopause happens in women when hormones are hindered by toxins subverting their natural processes over certain amounts of time.  Do women really have a certain amount of eggs produced over a lifetime, or is that fallacy propagated by Biotechnology to mainstream a certain life span?  Autism and the developmentally disabled have been linked to Western medicine such as vaccines or pharmaceuticals, or if the mother was a heavy drug user or extremely bad gut health at the time of delivery of her baby.  The everyday person has an extreme disconnect to their body and how it works, because they rely way too much on professionals to tell them what is wrong and what to do about it.  These health professionals are taught and paid by the state, and private institutions to convey a very particular and universal message that all humans have some kind of genetic anomaly that will need tending to by a physician or health professional, to manage symptoms at some point in their life.  Many people can go for years dealing with minor cold and influenza, and health issues, and then one day at the age of 45 they suffer from debilitating symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.   Other people had eczema or psoriasis from the first day they were born, and they are so used to managing that illness using steroid creams and gels from the local drug store.  Managing sickness is a multibillion dollar industry to the point where doctors are recommending organs being removed from their patients, when their patients are finally at their maximum toxin load and it is affecting their daily life.  Doctors and nurses are on the front lines gathering the data and they become the friendly face of Biotechnology, developing relationships with their clients and making recommendations based on what they were trained to look for.  A General Practitioners business plan does not entail having a short relationship with their patients.  In fact, the longer the relationship with the family and the children and the grandchildren and so on, is more optimal.  Many families have seen the same doctor for years allowing them to care for their kids and grandkids.  If a patient complains of a stomach issue, most likely the patient sees the doctor and the doctor will prescribe some acid reflux medication and send their patient on their way.  If the patient has continued issues and sees the doctor once again, the General Practitioners recommends specialists such as a gastrointestinal doctor to do further tests if the GP recommends it, based upon anomalies in routine tests.  Those specialists start testing and then before you know it, you are on certain medications, or recommendations for surgery based upon what they found.   Similarly, Naturopaths and Homeopaths do the same thing.  Their main difference is they will use different herbs and extracts, and oils and mix them together, and then maybe remedy your symptoms, but they never really truly getting to the root cause of your issues. When I learned about Probiotics through my research of natural ways to overcome disease and Cancer, I learned about Probiotic supplements as well as Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and Kombucha, which yes, does house the lactobacillus necessary for immune boosting and cell repair, however, the apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and over time, causes complications to very delicate internal organs and pathways but also weaken tooth enamel. I have noticed many of friends on Facebook still suffer from issues while taking apple cider vinegar.   Additionally, the Kombucha or fermented sugars do also destroy teeth over time, and fermented sugars feeds Candida, so both of those methods of Probiotics have very severe side effects such as feed the Candida, and which does destroy organs, and also made it no different than big pharmaceutical drugs. I then researched Probiotic supplements since I was on 13 different supplements and I heard through the grapevine Probiotic supplements were awesome.  I learned after taking them with no results at all, it was a lost cause because those did not work and my issues were not completely reversed.  If you can think back to Biotechnology and Protein Docking, supplements used for various issues, do get altered based upon what they purport to do.  There are some Probiotic supplements that aim to lose weight for people if they just take a certain dosage a day for however many weeks.  The person deals with no detox symptoms using those supplements and they may lose the weight but still deal with underlying issues, because their diet was still typical and the good gut bacteria in the Probiotic supplements was altered.  I will explain a little later what kind of detox symptoms people should feel in the next few chapters so they know their Probiotics are working.  There are other supplements and medications recommended by Naturopaths and Homeopaths and even doctors, to help manage hormonal changes that happen once a month with people.  What people do not realize in both the supplements and medications, active and inactive ingredients may target the symptoms temporarily, making those symptoms manageable, but they also feed the Candida, which is the underlying cause of why you needed those medications or supplements to begin with.  I have read things from Corn Starch to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, to rice flour to different heavy metals in the ingredients of both medications and supplements, and that is why people never reverse their issues.  Both the Holistic and allopathic industry means to manage your symptoms, never truly independently reversing your issues.  Naturopathic and homeopathic and allopathic all need a client base over long periods of time and some even sell their own version of supplements, or partner up with other supplement companies, or get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies for every vaccine or drug they push onto their customers.  It is not altogether their fault for not knowing.  Many Naturopathics know how effective Probiotics but they also have a business to run and others have no idea.  I tell people, their relationship with their health practitioner, should be a very short one.  They should teach you how to ferment your Probiotics, and walk you through the steps, give out advice with their recommendations using two different natural antibiotics to manage detox symptoms, as well as a two or three topical methods, and then calculate the approximate time it will take for that person to reverse their issues.  If patients knew only temporary diet changes need to be had until they reverse their issues, I could see patients more apt to adhere to the information, rather than resist it.  And, those temporary diet changes with the aggressive Probiotics will alter the way you look at food anyway and you will not crave or desire the foods you used to eat.  I noticed there is a lot of redundancy in the Holistic world and Cancer cures are everywhere.  If you look up the word cure, it is a way to manage symptoms to the point of not needing immediate therapy.  Cures do not reverse the underlying cause, they make the situation manageable.  Tylenol can be construed as a cure, by definition.  There are also hundreds and hundreds of herbs and extracts, meant to stop Cancer in its tracks or kill infection or is a natural antibiotic.  From ginger, to garlic to dandelion root to cannabis, they all have some benefit to stopping Cancer and disease in its tracks but, they do not reverse the underlying cause or people would be eating massive amounts of garlic or ginger daily and that is not sustainable over time or effective.  The allopathic industry uses the radiation cure to kill all the cells in the body hoping the Cancer cells stop multiplying.  This only works temporarily some of the time, if at all, and in my world, 25% of the time it works, where the person can still live 10 years or more after those treatments.  Usually, those people who survive the chemo, not the Cancer, only get light dosages of it, not heavy treatments.  A few people I know personally went in for heavy doses of chemo and all died not too long after their last treatment.  Eleventh hour remedies do not always work when the food supply is diminished in nutrients, tainted with heavy metals and the people are Candida overloaded to the point of being on the brink of some kind of terminal illness soon in their future.  When the food supply is riddled with high fructose corn syrup, which is a derivative of mercury and stabilizers in milk, and processed nut milks are mucus building, flavor enhancers and sugar substitutes, like Aspartame, Neotome and Stevia are touted as good ways to replace sugar; you are looking at a population ripe with customers for the medical and Holistic industry.  Biotechnology knows the fungus, Candida, has a brain of its own and it influences thought processes in people who are overloaded with Candida, and thought processes manifest into actions.  When fungus attacks the brain and little virus microbes attach to the fast multiplying Candida; psychological issues manifest like paranoia, fear, anxiety, mental illness, mental instability, homicidal, suicidal, and even criminal behavior. This is a direct result from the fungus attacking the brain which in turn effects adrenal gland secretions.  Constant victims or domestic violence have fungus attacking their adrenal glands which result in their fight or flight hormones not working correctly.  Violent criminals have no fear and their adrenal glands are over producing adrenaline when triggered.  These triggers manifest from experiences in a person’s life and the Candida remembers them. The Candida processes those memories and the hormones, and that is how society and people get triggered by hot button issues.  Humans and fungus learn routines very quickly. If a person overrides their Candida with new information that makes sense and they can changes their routines; they also can change how their Candida manifests. This is until the Candida protest and make a person crave a certain food or alcohol; then that person falls off the wagon by eating a dozen doughnuts, or manifests the same violent behavior under a different issue.  I have seen Candida ridden people switch from the Allopathic industry of managing sickness to only Holistic backing anti-vaccine campaigns and those people stopped learning past that ideology, because their Candida will not let them take in new information beyond what they think they know.  It is like replacing one addiction with another and once you take away the reason for addiction; the person feels like there is nothing left to fight for.  Activism and divide and conquer, has been popularized in our country because our handlers have embedded the need to fight against the “enemy.” Who is the enemy?  The enemy is relative to the battle you are fighting.  The enemy is different for everyone.  What if there were no enemy just very clever people perpetuating a business?   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is Candida and trauma working together triggering your hormones.  Premenstrual Syndrome and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, are also offshoots of mental illness triggered by hormone fluctuations such as decreased serotonin. This is the pleasure hormone as well as the increase in the fight or flight hormone, when the person is triggered by a conversation from the past that angered them.  Addictions are also a manifestation of Candida from Alcoholism to smoking Cannabis, to drug users and coffee addicts, to Diet Coke.  They all trigger the pleasure center in our brain and the body learns to crave, and needs it for survival.  I tested my coffee addiction and using my home made Probiotics to detox from the headaches, and it worked.  I therefore know addictions stemmed from Candida can be neutralized properly and forever, if a person implemented an aggressive Probiotic regiment.  As far as the role of Allopathic, Naturopathic, Homeopathic and everyone in the Holistic world touted as a health practitioner; their role is to manage the symptoms, but never reverse your illness.  We may see a shift in the industry once Holistic professionals see the goldmine of opportunity managing and reversing illnesses for their patients, once my information is mainstreamed.  As of right now, virtually no Holistic professional I have talked to practices this method and teaches their patients this method.  There are a lot that I have seen touch upon gut health lightly and Probiotics, but they only superficially scratch the surface, and they promote supplements instead.  Yes, the Holistic world fancies themselves to be the better alternative to the Allopathic world, but they are two sides of the same coin.  However, they do have a place in our society when the need is there.  When the need is abused is when people need to question. How does all of this apply to you and what can you learn in your world from my thought process?  Here is some information I was compiling that made up most of my book.  You will see how this book was born by the last few chapters.  This next chapter was the framework how I built my book to get a particular point across.  It may be a little redundant based upon what was written previously, but it should give you an idea this journey was not a short one. I tried to summarize the last five years of research into one paragraph, taking into account my exposure to the IT infrastructure software world and business process, reengineering equating them to the human body business process and anomalies.

CH 7


If your goal is to be very healthy with zero dependency on the Allopathic, Naturopathic and Homeopathic community; there is a very effective method to measure your process so your outcome is predictable and successful. The IT (Information Technology) world has a best practices method to measure their business process success metrics, which gives an organization common terms and vocabulary to increase cross-functional communication between functional silos, or departments or organs. In essence, best practices methods that do not only improve communication between departments, but allows the processes to become fluid with the goal the process can always be improved upon with new information. This is also called CPI or Continuous Process Improvement. Usually, the Enterprise Level of the organization brings in a consultant to analyze the overall business process that factors in hardware, software, human capital, geographical locations, and the appropriate departments it takes to run a business in whatever industry, large, medium or small. The goal should be of a consultant or “health professional” is not to become an “employee” of the company, but to eventually teach change management. This also includes business process reengineering to all the department heads, leaving the company self-sufficient with the ability to inevitably meet the organization’s goal; the bottom line particular to that industry. The Holistic industry started out going down that path, taking into account the body as a whole must be factored in to improve body business processes to increase communication within the cell structures and organs, to improve output and productivity of the human. However, at some point, that particular goal was lost and people became greedy. Someone, somewhere, with very technical understanding of human psychology, created a fear campaign to create different factions within the Holistic world which justified the Naturopathic and Homeopathic industries. The Allopathic industry, also known as conventional Western medicine, has increasingly been under the microscope for drug recalls and unnecessary medical procedures on a scared trusting population. With those increasing lawsuits and settlements within Allopathic medicine, an idea was formed to start patenting Mother Nature by way of creating processed Mother Earth, a.k.a. the supplements industry. Then the Allopathic industry saw a huge cash opportunity to manipulate fears, and infuse a national argument that natural remedies were a better method to reverse chronic illness over questionable prescription drugs. A new capitalistic method of managing illness was born. A very clever marketing team used that newly formed idea, and started new multi-level marketing campaigns to proliferate supplements derived from nature touting these roots, herbs and extracts, were far better than big pharmaceutical with none of the crazy possible side effects. The bottom line is they were off. The multi-level marketing supplements industry took off and now makes billions of dollars a year. This was probably also around the time when the Homeopathic and Naturopathic practitioners were born, behind the bad press of big pharmaceutical and Allopathic medicine.  They could either promote a supplement or make their own, and take on clients who needed a licensed health professional to reverse their sickness by disappearing symptoms never actually reversing the issue. These practitioner’s jobs were to create a customer base and clientele who are not only dependent and very sick, but also fancy themselves as alternative to the mainstream. When you actually take a closer look at the psychology of dependency, you will notice it when you follow the money. This industry of Holistic medicine takes actual true effective methods derived from Mother Nature, and subvert the method rendering ineffective, so you do not completely become self-sufficient and educated.  That is why you see Probiotic supplements all over mainstream media and within multi-level marketing campaigns, and yet people are still buying those supplements year after year.  If the School of Pharmacology in Allopathic medicine can alter virus microbes to attach to fungus and create drugs to dry up mucus in cold medicines, they can also alter their Probiotic supplements to be only 50% effective.  Psychological operations do also reside in the Holistic world. In essence, all health practitioners regardless of the industry are actually looking to be an “employee” of the company called your body, not the “consultant”, as first purported. These health practitioners need a client base necessary to justify paying for their “education” and licenses, and of course, these professionals answer to the government who sees them as a business. When I first learned about Probiotics through my research of natural ways to reverse disease and Cancer; I learned about Probiotic supplements as well as Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and Kombucha, which yes, does house the lactobacillus necessary for immune boosting and cell repair.  However, the apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and over time causes complications to very delicate internal organs and pathways, which also weakens tooth enamel. Additionally, the Kombucha or fermented sugars do also destroy teeth over time, so both of those methods of Probiotics have very severe side effects that did destroy organs. This made it no different than big pharmaceutical drugs and the fermented sugars that fed the Candida. I returned back to the drawing board to research Probiotic supplements since I was on 13 different supplements. I heard through the grapevine Probiotic supplements were awesome.  I learned after taking them with no results at all, it was a lost cause because those did not work and my issues were not reversed at all, if anything, it was getting progressively worse. A friend of my husband, told me about lacto fermented pickles using pink salt, NOT VINEGAR (do not drink the store bought pickle juice made from vinegar). I researched and discovered that making your own pickles was actually homemade Probiotics. I subsequently did research, found a good recipe and made pickles and carrots, and really felt a difference. After doing more careful research, I noticed it was not easy keeping large batches of pickles and pickle juice on hand continuously, because the process was lengthy. It took three or four days for the pickles to ferment every time I ran out. I did not want to invest in large glass jars with large batches of pickles managing on that level.  Therefore, I researched more Probiotic methods made in your home and green or purple cabbage and kale stood out, because it was an easy continuous process that initially was three days, but you could use a bit of your prior culture for your future culture, and the next batch would only take 24 hours. This meant I could keep this method going indefinitely without waiting three or four days after each batch. I also did not have a lot of storage space to keep large amounts of pickles on hand. I started drinking tons of pickles juice immediately and then started drinking the cabbage or the kale brine. Also, I was eating the solids and I saw amazing results after doing that for a few weeks that surpassed my clay detox, which I thought was an effective method, but it was not. The results of my clay method did detox me and neutralize the Candida for a moment, but I did not know how to infuse effective homemade Probiotics afterwards to help rebuilt my gut flora, so essentially, I messed up my system and the Candida returned. Finally, the effects of the cabbage or kale ferment made in my own kitchen with minimal investment not only neutralized the toxins that had me retain water, but it also shrunk my fat cells. This gave me amazing energy, mental clarity and it fed my system the necessary nutrition, so I could keep going and fight off the Candida, while feeding my body correctly. I initially stopped eating the sugars, soy, processed foods, wheat, rice and grains, while sticking only to a veggie, fruit and chicken diet, which subsequently detoxed my system. As a result, this allowed me to metabolize foods effectively and quickly.  The goal is to repair the broken cells and purge the Candida. This happens over and over and over with negative and positive symptoms, ebbing and flowing, until you have more positive symptoms than negative symptoms. The end result is ultimately you have only positive symptoms.  Repairs happen in stages and it takes time relative to your health issues, how aggressive you are with the diet, and how aggressive you are with taking the fermented cabbage/kale juice.  My diet was also key because if I cheated just once during this initial detox process, it would throw my system off and feed the Candida.  This method also detoxed my body initially with some mild detox symptoms I managed with natural methods I learned over the last five years. I quickly reversed my PMDD chronic illness that has been plaguing me for the last 30 years of my life. Eventually, you will be able to eat almost anything you want within reason after you 100% reverse your issues. I tried to bring that up to a Naturopathic I met on Facebook, who basically instilled fear by talking about mold and other fear campaigns. While mold can be an issue with ferments that are done incorrectly, there are websites that can tell you what to look for.  However, I stopped doing the pickles and carrots, because I did mess up two different cultures using those methods. I never ever messed up a cabbage or kale culture, because the process is so simple. You do not add anything extra but cabbage or kale, pink salt and good water, complete with an airtight jar. Pickles and carrots have many factors that allow variables to happen, and that is why yeast grows and mold grows. Cabbage for some reason was never messed up and that is why I only do cabbage or kale separately in jar.  Once in a while, I may have air get in, or it gets too hot in the kitchen in the summer time- yeast may be present and it just smells a little acetone, but will not hurt it.  The taste may be the only thing that is different and you can just dilute it or add it to another batch or use it as a prior culture.  Once a person gets familiarized with how fermenting works using a very easy, fast recipe with effective results, they can segue into other ferments only AFTER they are 100% better and they stay away from fermented fruit and sugary fermented beets, because they learned the basics. Yes, this is my journey to get rid of the “consultant’ health practitioners whose aim is to be an employees of my business called my body and health. All those people who unscrupulously feed off the business of fear where it be from chemtrails (white lines in the sky) to pollution in the cities, and water and fluoride in the tap water, and some bottled waters, to supplements, in response to bad health  I am not talking about activists who give their life to raising awareness, but opportunistic snake oil salesmen, I leveled the playing field, because not only can you detox out initially all the toxins from vaccines and chemtrails, but you can also boost your immune system to fight off the free radicals we have control over, or do not have control over. Once you completely reverse your illness and keep Candida at bay; the Probiotics taken daily have to overwhelm your food choices, so when you initially detox and incorporate Probiotics, you have to starve the Candida and reverse those withdrawal symptoms naturally.  When you completely reverse your issues, you can eat the wheat and soy and rice and grains, minimally, so as long as you wrap those toxins up with Probiotics daily. This is so you can neutralize them before the Candida starts proliferating, because you can never ever get rid of yeast that eventually turns into Candida with virus microbes attached. The yeast can multiply quickly and will reemerge into Candida if you do not take care of yourself properly, and you can pass those virus microbes onto your newborn baby in utero.  Long story short, I got off the thirteen different supplements from the local health food store and of course I do not call a doctor unless I have to go the emergency room due to a car accident. My diet is relatively clean. I eat and drink my fermented cabbage and kale daily overwhelming my food choices, so it completely envelopes everything I choose to eat.  I very rarely crave sugar anymore, except when the time of the month comes around and my estrogen levels are a little higher than normal due to hormones. I will crave a dessert but my brain is stronger than the Candida and I do not give into the craving. If I do give into my cravings; I drink a large glass of fermented juice.  Now that you understand what my thought process is, what is available for you in your situation?


CH 8


Many factors will determine the success of your Probiotic journey.  A few of these factors are your support system, access to resources, mindset and knowledge of your body, and why it does what it does and no fear.  A little fear is natural, but you must trust your body like the “warning lights” on your dashboard in your car.  Inflammation are the warning signs of an underlying cause, and using natural remedies or pharmaceutical drugs just mask the symptoms, and your issues progressively become worse.  Masking issues does not address the root cause and some health practitioners do not even know what the underlying cause is due to lack of training.  Naturopaths and Homeopathics know a little bit about the underlying cause, but they also have a business to run. These health professionals were taught for every pharmaceutical drug available.  Mother Nature has a natural one that does the same things, but better.  While that may be true on some level, the goal of the Allopathic practitioner and the Holistic practitioner indirectly is managing people’s lifestyles without educating them the real underlying cause.  When I spoke to a Naturopathic about a year ago, I was exploring different options in the natural world to reverse my PMDD symptoms. She shocked me with an answer to my question.  I asked her, “Does it matter what a person eats as far as their diet goes when reversing illness?” She said, “No, it really does not matter what that person eats or drinks, because I serve local politicians and big wigs in my area. When they have symptoms, I just go and cure it and they are satisfied, until the next time they need me,” I was floored.  My instinct told me this was no different than what Western medicine does when patients call their doctors asking for medication to relieve symptoms.  The Holistic world still gets so much good press, in spite of that but business model.  I found the common thought process throughout the Holistic world which is also attached to the anti-vaccine movement is sickness is to be expected no matter what, and both of these industries can help mitigate those symptoms also known as “curing” you, until the next time you need them.  What if you could be totally independent of both the Naturopathic and Allopathic world with no need for a professional in your life or the inevitable use of 11th hour remedies such as Cannabis, chemo or Tylenol? This is available for some, not all, but you must understand some very basic concepts.  Natural antibiotics in the natural world look like garlic oil, colloidal silver, ginger, turmeric herbs, spices, extracts and roots.  There is a lot of redundancy in the Holistic world, and for good reason.  If you see all the different medications Biotech creates for prescriptions and over the counter drugs, you may catch patterns the symptoms and remedy, are all fairly similar to each other. You will understand the psychology in the Holistic world is exactly the same thing as the Allopathic world.  It is creating a market to compete with each other from within.  If you can convince people there are significant differences between garlic oil, colloidal silver, and turmeric, you can manufacture arguments, create different markets and create division within any industry you choose.  What if you only need one or two natural antibiotics to reverse inflammation from an underlying cause?  What if there was but one universal bacterium that does not discriminate that can neutralize the viruses and fungus attacking your body and organs?  What if your current daily lifestyle today while you are sick is meant to feed and perpetuate the bacterium, so your lifespan and exposure to sickness was predictable for the medical industry to swoop in and handle your issues temporarily?  If you are suffering from a severe illness from Cancer to an Autoimmune disorder, to managing missing non main organs like gall bladder, spleen, thyroid or appendix, to just eczema, or you buy supplements, over the counter drugs or see a mental health professional, you are a perfect candidate for implementing Probiotics made in your home aggressively.  However, if you are transgender, on heavy hormone therapy, or your job is requiring you to be on steroid shots for pain management so you can do your job and you do not have the time to implement Probiotics, and reverse those detox symptoms Holistically temporarily, you may need to wait or not even do it all.  Opiate addicts or severe alcoholics need to be under a doctor’s care whether it is an Allopathic Doctor or a Naturopathic to manage those severe detox symptoms that could possibly manifest into seizures.  If you are not well versed in natural remedies, and you are too scared to get direction over the phone and apply the methods suggested by me, it is best to be under their care while detoxing.  People missing organs such as a thyroid, gall bladder, spleen or missing one kidney, are fine using Probiotics because they will need to compensate for what they do not have.  A missing thyroid is equated to a “low functioning” thyroid, such as hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s and Grave’s disease.  Here is something I want people to consider those who are deciding to remove an organ. There are some organs your body has to have or you die, so they recommend a transplant. This is a bad idea, because now you will be on immune suppressing drugs for the rest of your life!  You will be exposed to deadly viruses if exposed in a hospital setting and you will catch all the social viruses like colds, flus and stomach bugs. This is not a fun way to live, living in a bubble.  Those of you who had an organ removed such as a gall bladder, spleen, or thyroid, you do not need medication to live because the idea of “medication” is replacing what Mother Nature does to compensate what you may be missing due to aggressive external actions, such as invasive organ removal. T3 levels are produced by the thyroid to help metabolize the body correctly. I was researching a friend’s situation regarding her thyroid removal and I noticed that there are “natural thyroid” pills made from desiccated pig cells. Yuck! Synthetic hormones such as medication using T4 have grave side effects such as Glaucoma.  Therefore, if you can use “Mother Nature” such as pig cells, what about Probiotics?  Good gut bacteria will compensate for what your body is missing, so as long as the organ is not a main functioning organ like the heart or brain. I am sorry to say, Probiotics are not that good to replace your brain. With a few dietary changes like avoiding gluten foods, processed sugars and processed foods, your body is not trying to process those toxins with a missing organ.  Aggressive Probiotics will allow you to process those foods without your thyroid because what T3 does is: controls the body’s temperature, metabolism, and heart rate. If you eradicate food triggers to some degree, you will lessen the possibility to overtax your other organs to compensate what the missing T3 does for the body. You can live without the thyroid and you do not need synthetic hormones or even desiccated pig cells a.k.a. “natural hormones”.  Probiotics when used aggressively can make up for the organs that are missing if they are not the main functioning organs your body needs to survive.  As far as Cancer, Autoimmune disorders, chronic illness and minor issues, it is very easy to implement aggressive Probiotics.  Babies, children and adults not suffering from any health issues now also need to implement aggressive Probiotics, so they can detox those little Candida bugs and virus microbes harboring in different parts of the body waiting to be triggered in the right conditions.  Vaccinated people and unvaccinated people also need to pay attention, because the unvaccinated still have been exposed to the virus somewhere down the family line.  The unvaccinated are in contact with communicable viruses in the public arena and the pollutions which also feed Candida.  Heavy metals in your daily bath products, cleansers, food, water, makeup, occupational hazards, and in the air, all feed Candida and exotic spores, and fungus do get in the human body via your respiratory system and open wounds.  Hospitals, schools and any other public institutions also have lurking viruses waiting to attack immunocompromised people.  Paralyzed people also have a chance completely reverse their paralysis if they implement a very aggressive form of Probiotics coupled with physical therapy and a very strict diet.  Not to mention managing and possibly reversing autism successfully, and any other illness that is out there. While the end result is successfully reversing the illness or chronic condition, what are detox symptoms and how do they manifest?  This may be the hardest hurdle for people to overcome.

Detox symptoms will be no worse than your worst day of illness in your life.  Symptoms include, but not limited to, stomach ache, constipation, hemorrhoids, gas, diarrhea, headache, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, muscle aches and pains.  If you ever had eczema or asthma or hives, or anything in the past aside from Chicken Pox, you had to manage with an 11th hour remedy that will come up.  I had Chicken Pox as a kid and only had two dry spots on my legs and rash on my arm that came as fast as it went.  If your husband or toxic person in your life has triggered you into a negative reaction in the past, realize, you may be triggered again, and your feelings around that person may not be logical.  Any thoughts, feelings or actions that are prone to be negative in your life, while initially detoxing, will happen, and be more pronounced and you just have to be aware.  Take a walk, take a shower or take the dog for a walk to redirect your thought process.  Do not get on the phone and angry text or call profusely to the person you are most annoyed at.  Inflammation or illness is your body being toxic. It is trying to warn you please remedy or fix the problem.  The biggest trigger for inflammation or feeding the Candida is sugar, sugar substitutes, soy, wheat, rice, grains, oatmeal, breads, pastries, honey, sweeteners and anything sweet, that is not whole fruit.  You have over 20 plus years of accumulated fungus that is so used to being fed at a certain time. It loves the foods you love, because it forces you eat what it loves with physical manifestations of cravings for sugars and anything sweet.  There are misnomers out there in the health world that craving for certain foods means you are vitamin deficient.  That is true and not true.  While you do get some vitamins and minerals, or your body cannot function at all, you are actually nutritionally deficient. However, when Candida has overtaken the body, it does not allow you to absorb the necessary vitamins for cell repair and boosting the immune system to protect your body from airborne viruses.  Working from a diminished capacity is a regular in the medical industry, because they do not teach you how to rebuild your cell structures with the good gut bacteria.  When you neutralize those toxins punching holes in your cells, also known as leaky gut syndrome and you repair those cells from the ground up, you will find your body will start to work and react very differently than before.  I noticed I had a lot of constipation and I had to manipulate my own anal glands to be rid of the poop and make myself poop.  Enemas and colonics are fine, just be careful what you put up there.  I just use warm water in the tub to get it stimulated, use your fingers and pull and massage; get as deep as you can, because if you have tons of poop in your intestines, you will feel a little sensitive pain, like a stomach ache.  I pulled that poop out and dumped it into the toilet, hoping my husband did not notice.  I sterilized the tub with bleach afterwards.  I had two dry eczema spots on the back of my thighs for a few weeks.  I had a slight rash that looked like ringworm on my arm that came as fast as it went.  I used garlic oil on both topical issues.  My stomach had very strong hunger pangs from my avoidance of sugar, wheat, soy, gluten and gluten-free foods.  Recurring yeast infections happen when the Candida is upset and fighting back.  I used garlic oil up the birth canal externally along with coconut oil frozen in pellets.  I was heavily fatigued, irritable and bloated, as well as needed to sleep a lot!  Also, I dealt with hemorrhoids that did not go away for a few weeks, but they did not get so bad because I used garlic oil up my anal cavity, so I froze coconut oil in little thick dots and shoved it up there.   About two months later, I noticed very positive symptoms.  My poops were more frequent, which meant I was metabolizing my food quicker, I noticed I changed the way my menstruation cycles manifested.  I used to have one month a heavy cycle and one month a light cycle.  Now, they are relatively even.  Based upon what I ate the week before will be the difference if I would get cramps or not.  My mentality became clearer as I was able to logically handle all situations without reacting from an emotional standpoint.  My cadence of speech and thought processes were quicker and witty. Yes, I have my up and down days based upon food triggers, but I am more calm, cool and collected, open to hearing new and different though processes.  I can cut through arguments stemming from divide and conquer very easily.  In essence, my emotions are in check, and my logic is very pronounced.  This process lacto fermenting and managing detox symptoms holistically will work for some, and may not work for others.  Commitment level, uncontrollable factors and belief systems all come into play when adopting this lifestyle.  If you are severely ill and you try to do this at home by yourself, this method is not advisable.  Please consult your health professional before doing anything like this.  The medications you are on and other factors may come into play. If you are not prepared for how to deal with them holistically, this is not for you. Exactly, as I said before, if you are on hormone therapy, anti-rejection drugs for an organ transplant, steroid shots for pain management, this may have to wait, or not at all.  Probiotics will sweep away the toxins and build the defenses around the foreign objects.


I have a few people in my life who claim they are so healthy.  They eat only organic foods, they meditate, do yoga and yet they still have a cozy relationship with their General Practitioner or Naturopathic.  While that is all well and good, I challenge those people to implement an aggressive regime of homemade Probiotics.  If you can drink homemade Probiotics and temporarily mitigate those food triggers which feed the Candida, and you do not have any detox symptoms, you are in perfect health.  You are able to materialize out of nowhere, good gut bacteria and you live in a bubble away from all environmental toxins, you never ever get sick, never consult a doctor and your kids are in perfect health because you passed down that perfect formula of living.  It may come off as sarcastic, but I want my vegan and vegetarian and gym only friends to understand how they can measure how effective their lifestyle is.  Merely just eating organic and practicing meditation may calm a person down, but you are missing a vital part of the overall Holistic process taking into account, the body, mind and soul.  The body needs more than just organic foods when you live in a society such as ours. You are not immune to all the environmental toxins you cannot control.  I do not care if you think orgonite can eradicate chemtrails because it is more than that.  Candida feeds off of heavy metals you do not even know exist in your environment.  I again, challenge my “healthy lifestyle” friends to use Probiotics made in your home as a barometer how well your lifestyle truly is.

The Cabbage and Kale Recipe (done separately in separate jars)

  1. 2 or 3 or 4 large 1 gallon pickle jars or air tight canisters (relative to who will be drinking this)
  2. 1 large head of Cabbage Purple is preferable, but green is good and a lot of Kale bunches
  3. Fine Grain Pink Salt in a bag, not in a grinder, or you can use Celtic Salt, NOT Table Salt, because Table Salt has synthetic iodine in it and that does destroy the thyroid over time
  4. Reverse Osmosis Water or Distilled Water (Not tap water)
  5. Blender/Nutribullet
  6. Measuring Cup
  7. Fill the blender and Nutribullet loosely with approximately 3 cups/1.5 pints of cabbage and in a separate batch fill tightly with kale, with both leaves and stems
  8. Add 2 cups/1 pint of water to every 1 Tbsp./15 ml of salt, to every 3 cups or so of cabbage/kale
  9. Blend the cabbage/kale and water and salt together
  10. Pour blended mixture in the jar; you will repeat the process with the same formula over and over and over, relative to the size of the jar you are working with. If you find you have more cabbage/kale than water, add more water and salt (modify the water/salt ratio to fit with how much you need).  Keep in mind the jar should look 50% cabbage and 50% water and salt.   Make sure you allow enough space at least 1 inch from the top of the jar for expansion
  11. Cover the jar securely with the lid. If it is a metal lid, use a coffee filter in between the lid and the lip of the glass. Chemical changes when fermenting produce rust on metal lids and the filter acts as a guard.  Some people use other methods they have learned but do your research first.  The lay person with no experience in this can do this without investing heavily into equipment.
  12. Let mixture stand at room temperature for 3 days (around 65-72 degrees F). If you are in a colder climate, less than 65 degrees in the house add an extra day, and check the smell and taste.  If you are in a hot climate, you may want to subtract a day or so, and check the smell and taste.  The smell for cabbage should be tangy and pungent, and if a little air gets in, may smell acetone.  That is a little yeast and in this context, the yeast is not bad.  Just mix it and it will be fine.  The fermented kale smells like sulfur almost like eggs.  Some people say it smells like a “fart”, and that is normal.  It may smell a little acetone if air gets in, but it will taste pretty good.  It does not taste the way it smells.
  13. After 3 days you can start drinking both the solids and the juice together at least 3 8 oz. large glasses a day after each meal. Drink water throughout the day as well, but do not overdo it. Dog and cats cat eat this as well, as they also get overabundant Candida which turns into Cancer, disease and growth disorders.
  14. Refrigerate in your cold box.
  15. When the supply gets low, (or immediately after the first ferment is ready to drink) start a new batch by using the same procedure, but adding ½ cup or 1 cup of the previous batch of fermented juice, with the pulp and juice. Then use the same formula over and over keeping in mind the jar should look 50% cabbage, and 50% water and salt
  16. The second batch will only have to stand at room temperature for 24 hours before being ready, due to the culture starter added, which was your prior ferment. The next step is to then refrigerate
  17. The diet, once again is chicken, eggs, fruits, vegetable, raw seeds (no flax seeds), raw nuts and good oils such as organic olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil. No beans or legumes, lay off using spices as they are natural antibiotics opposite of Probiotics, so use sparingly in your dishes.  Keep your culture of Kale and cabbage fermented juice away from heat sources and avoid mixing it with you dinner.  The more you drink the fermented juice and eat the solids, the faster you will purge and regenerate your damaged cell structures! Manage your intake of my recipe relative to how effective you can manage your detox symptoms.  You can always subtract things in my diet, NEVER add anything.  If you add anything to the list I described above, you will be potentially feeding Candida.
  18. I have a personal Facebook page and a business Facebook page should you have any questions regarding this or you need more clarification. and  I have tons of friends who are doing my protocol right now who are will to help you.  You also must get off all supplements and packaged powders, drinks and herbs before you do this protocol.  My recipe and this diet is for a reason.  People on drug therapy not falling into the transplant category and the steroid for pain management for work category, can still do this so as long as their goal is to eventually wean themselves off the drugs.  Always talk to your doctor.

DO NOT DILUTE AT ALL BECAUSE YOU WANT A HIGH CONCENTRATION FORM OF THIS FERMENT SO YOU CAN START FEELING THE DETOX SYMPTOMS. It is suggested you do drink water as needed, but not too much water (people go overboard) while doing this to help flush away the toxins.  Detox symptoms are relative to your health issues. You will be no sicker than the worst day of sickness you encountered in your lifetime. Those symptoms will include and not limited to: bloating, flu-like symptoms, gas, constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, headaches, rashes, bladder, yeast infections and asthma. Also, an exacerbation of your current health issues, like your eczema will flare up, and anything that is anomalous to good health. If you feel sick while initially implementing this, you are detoxing. If you are NOT experiencing detox symptoms, you are not taking enough of the fermented juice and you are eating the wrong foods. If you are experiencing a very severe form of detox symptoms, you may want to taper back, infuse a bit of water and give yourself a day off. If you experience an infection of any kind where it is a bladder infection, yeast infection, ear infection and a sore throat, I would suggest you buy:


  1. Colloidal Silver (by Sovereign Silver) is a natural antibiotic and is not dangerous. You should only be using this to reverse your detox symptoms and your goal is to never ever have to use it again if you are implementing Probiotics correctly in your diet. Colloidal silver by Sovereign Silver can be used in your water if you get a bladder infection. Always put a lot in, drink the good water and silver. The goal is to sweep away the infection plaguing your urinary tract. If you happen to get a sore throat, spray at least 10 sprays of silver to your throat and kill the infection. Never ingest silver while taking the cabbage/Kale juice, because silver is a natural antibiotic and lacto fermented is a Probiotic. They will negate each other. You can use silver for Pink Eye and superficial wounds on your skin. Study up or Google uses for colloidal silver for anyone in your family who has not yet implemented Probiotics, so you can naturally treat their maladies instead of turning to synthetic antibiotics from Biotechnology.
  2. Garlic Oil. I use Christopher’s Garlic Oil via Vitacost online, because it has lasted for a few years since I hardly ever use it. Garlic oil is a natural antibiotic as well as antiseptic, and an antifungal like Colloidal silver is, but it is more for using in your butthole, birth canal and topical wounds, as well as external use. I avoid ingesting garlic oil, because it can cramp the stomach for people who have more sensitivity to garlic by mouth. When I first implemented garlic oil, it was for detox symptoms such as a yeast infection. I put it up the birth canal and used it externally for itching, along with coconut oil, until I got my Candida under control. I was not experiencing the infection any longer. You can put the garlic oil straight up in the birth canal, or freeze coconut oil and garlic oil pellets for easier insertion. The garlic oil does not burn and I would never ever use Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar up the birth canal, because it burns like the dickens. I know because I did it and it felt like 100 knives stabbing my vagina. Additionally, asthma sufferers should have a pitcher of distilled water, olive oil and cayenne pepper mixed together in case of a flare up. If you have never used cayenne pepper or allergic, cut pieces of ginger or use ginger spice and mix it, and have on hand.  Both the ginger and cayenne pepper are anti-inflammatory and the oil will allow it to adhere to the mucus membranes in your body targeting your lungs.
  3. Coconut oil is great for superficial topical moisturizing, however if you experience microdermabrasion; I would use a little baking soda, coconut oil and water. Scrub your face until you get that dead layer of dry skin off your face. Then either use, coconut oil, olive oil, other carrier oils such as avocado oil, argan oil or jojoba oil, to really get down deep into your skin and moisturize. When buying oils for moisturizing initially, you probably know of brands you trust. Avoid buying from the box stores or drug stores.  Health food stores usually have a beauty section with brands to use.  Nowadays, I only use coconut oil and olive oil I buy at the supermarket, because I am not detoxing heavily, I am just maintaining. Essential oils, there are many types and you must do your own research regarding the ones you trust and I use the ones promoted by the local health food stores. I only use them for my arm pits and chest for smell.  I do not use deodorant.  I do not diffuse too many oils either, as my immune system is strong enough without feeling the need to clean the air of antigen.

If you experience constipation and this will most likely happen, but if it does not, consider yourself lucky.  This will be less for you to deal with. Keep in mind your diet is key and avoiding red meat, only chicken breast (not rotisserie), fresh fruits, fresh veggies, good oils, raw nuts and seeds. I also recommend a lot of eggs if you feel super hungry and have belly cravings. Another recommendation is to temporarily avoid: sugar, sugar substitutes like stevia, honey, maple syrup, processed foods, gluten-free foods and gluten, such as wheat, soy, rice, corn, grains and anything fried, until you completely reverse your issues 100%.  Beans and legumes are NOT okay and you can use spices to spice up your food, sparingly. These are not as a supplement or anything to manage symptoms unless it is for the methods I already outlined using garlic oil and colloidal silver, and cayenne pepper/ginger. If you are constipated where you feel so bloated and desperate, and you are independent or do not have funds for enema see a Certified Nursing Assistant. Certified Nursing Assistants use a glove or your finger; they pull that poop out of the lower intestine, as well as massage the inner intestine to manipulate the anal muscle to move your intestine to make you poop. You will only have to do this until you completely reverse your issues. Yes, you can use an enema, however, you have the ability to do this yourself without buying products to do this. Once you learn how to manipulate your own anal muscles, you now understand how your body works, and this can be done in the shower or bathtub, or the toilet. The fear is virtually gone.  It is not pretty or glamorous, but guess how many people are so full of poop that it is effecting their health?  You can get a colonic, but those are invasive and expensive.  Many people do not want a stranger sticking stuff up their butt.

Dosages: You should have at least three cups after every meal and more, if you can handle it.  Essentially, that is 6-9 cups a day or between 6-16 cups a day.  There is no such thing as too much unless your detox symptoms are something fierce and they can be for some people.  Your detox symptoms are relative to your sickness.  If you have a skin autoimmune disorder, your skin will be affected on some level.  There are many different topical products you can use such as garlic oil, coconut oil, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to manage topical skin issues.  If you ever experienced asthma, you will have that come up again.  Cayenne pepper is a great anti-inflammatory when you may feel tightness in your chest, before your airways close up.  In this case it is important to have some cayenne pepper, water and oil, such as olive oil, shake and drink.  The oil will allow the spice to adhere and get into the system faster, opening up the blood vessels. Gallstones are also an issue for people and gallstones are nothing more than intestinal bacteria crystallized, because the organs are too backed up to process it.  The aggressive diet change and the 6-16 cups of fermented cabbage and kale will melt those stones away.  If they are so bad, see a doctor immediately.  What to expect when you actually reverse all of you issues is an ebb and flow of feeling good and bad, and managing detox symptoms naturally for a few months relative to your condition.  The benchmarks about 3 weeks in you are looking is either weight gain if you are underweight, which means your hormones are finally working, allowing you to metabolize the nutrients. If you are overweight, your fat cells will shrink and you will lose water retention.  Itching may happen and it is ok to use garlic oil and coconut oil, to rub on itchy areas.  If your scalp is itching, it is ok to use Bragg Apple Cider vinegar topical ONLY!!  Eventually, you will completely stop having detox symptoms and your issues 100% completely disappear.  You can eventually introduce foods you were told not to have slowly to see how they affect you. Then make sure you still drink a lot of fermented cabbage and kale juice daily.  This process never stops, but you just kicked the Candida, and now have a Candida management system at your disposal.  No more colds and flus or allergies ever again.  However, when you first start this, if you are managing someone in Stage 5 Cancer, it may take longer relative to how much of the recipe above is aggressively used.  If you start going off the dietand eating bread or other foods not on the very short list, you will negate the process.  If you take supplements, herbs and medicines from the doctor or health food store to manage detox symptoms, you will negate the process.  If you are dealing with a very high stress lifestyle with drama all around you with a shaky support system, best to wait until life is relatively calm for you. I am also in the process of researching more what others are experiencing as far as detox symptoms, and to debunk some of the myths regarding what happens when a person detoxes, and eliminate the fear around it.


CH 9



When I reversed my health issues and I was telling my friend about it, she was not too impressed.  Her training in the mental health field does not support too much in the way of health, because the nutrition world and the mental health world never truly merged correctly.  Psychiatry would never think about nutrition and mental health, because they specialize in using pharmaceuticals to manage behaviors by using chemicals.  There is a disconnect in the traditional Western medicine world and effective nutrition.   We have become so accustomed to depend on professionals to tell us how our body works and what to do in case of sickness, we have become blind to the serious ramifications when leaving our health in someone else’s hands. These people also profit from it mainstreaming mutancy is what our nation has become, and it has become very accepted.  When you have professionals in families who pass down belief systems, habits, routines, culture; the mainstream media along with Academia, reinforce those belief systems, you will have small communities with one police station and several Oncology clinics on one street corner.  This alone should tell you what they are normalizing.  When we have so much political divisions, different sexual orientations and cultures clashing with each other; this is a sign of mass mind control on an exponential level.  Trauma, Candida and horrible nutrition create a very adolescent emotional reactive population who refuses to open their minds, and the ability to think clearly. Why? This is because they cannot think clearly if they are not aware of how the fungus is controlling them.  One of the big ramifications of dealing with trauma with an overabundance of fungus is addiction. I smoked on and off since I was a teenager. It was really only during the “stressful” times in my life.  Every time I was in the middle of losing a job, or getting laid off, or in the middle of a break up from a boyfriend, nicotine has always been my go-to.  I did not smoke continuously, but it was a crutch that got me over the hump in my time of need.  Many people use alcohol and other people may turn to cannabis.  I personally turned to nicotine.  There have been so many businesses, support groups and drugs reacting to addiction; it is so unfortunate some of the methods do not work for some, or have serious side effects, or the person must mortgage the farm to deal with their addiction.  It was not until about September of 2016 did I actually reverse the need to smoke, and I also killed the craving to ever want a cigarette again.  Once I implemented an aggressive diet change and homemade Probiotics, I detoxified the fungus which triggered the cravings, and reversed the need as well.  Stress and other bad habits are linked to addiction, and when a person is able to think clearly and logical, they do not react from an emotional standpoint, and will be able to process life as it comes without turning to self-destructing methods.    Candida, the fungus, programs the mind based upon past traumatic experiences and the food supply feed the fungus keeping those looping thought processes embedded.  When a person is heavily detoxing, not only do those emotional triggers become a little more pronounced, you will be quite aware of them as they come and  you will have the ability to talk yourself down from the emotional rise.  My next book will be covering detox symptoms experienced by several different people and what could a person experience while they are detoxing.  When a person is shapeshifting back to what nature originally intended for them, it is like a special effect in a movie flashbacking to all the emotionally and physically stressful experiences the person went through, and not all experiences will flash back, only the really severe ones.  Many people fight the feeling, but the goal is not to fight the feeling, the goal is to feel and purge.  Stay tuned!  However, here are some questions to ponder while you chew on this information.  What if the cultural division we experience today, such as sexual orientation and political ideologies all were manufactured by one simple switch of the hormones based upon a strategic cocktail of ingredients in some of the vaccines with programmed microbes?  What if the food supply kept those hormonal changes going until someone was smart enough to use a bacteria opposite of them to reverse the damage done?  What if your talents, strengths and weaknesses were because of the Candida housing memories of your predecessors controlling your hormones?  What if you had a talent and detoxed, and then cleared the path to hone in on your talent with very positive specific measurable results.   What if the media in your area programmed you to think in a specific way along with public education and peer pressure? Lastly, what if all of those put together with a rampant fungus created who you are and why you think the way you do?


Chapter 8

Probiotics Recipe             Chapter 16

Chapter 1 Introduction   Chapter 9            Chapter 17

Chapter 2 Candida and Probiotics  Overview         Chapter 10         Chapter 18

Chapter 3 My Journey     Chapter 11         Chapter 19

Chapter 4 The Human Body         Chapter 12         Chapter 20 Conclusion/ Media, Culture, Traditions/Routines Belief System altered hormones/Politics/Mental Illness/Sexuality/open ended questions to explore

Chapter 5 Candida, Candia/Virus/Bacteria Pregnancy/Vaccine Connections Supply

Chapter 6 Human Genome, break it down/Biotechnology Food Supply/Pollution/Beauty Products Cleansers  (I lightly touched upon the Human Genome project in Chapter 1 and the toxin exposure in the introduction and the food supply in Chapter 5 as far as heavy metals and sugar feeding fungus, but now, go more in depth how the human genome project and biotech work together creating products/drugs and supplements based upon DNA and Genomes. And people wonder why there are countless diseases out there..         Chapter 14

Chapter 6 Probiotcs/ Who should not be taking Probiotics. And what to do for asthma/Detox symptoms/Diet/Pregnant/Breastfeeding/

Why fad diets do not work, wheat belly, etc.

Using Probiotics as a barometer of your say you’re healthy, well prove it?  Initializing Lacto Cabbage, Temp Diet Changes, What to expect, and toxins, lifestyle and choices glutenfree feeds candida

The Role of Education/Academia/Psychiatiry/


Naturopathic/Allopathic/What organs can you live with and without/ Obesity/ Autoimmune Disorders and Paralysis and Juvenile Diseases/ Wean off process, detox symptoms, what to expect, and if you are suffering from drug and alcohol dependency/Do a brief explanation of the 12 system issues and what to expect and Holistic/physical therapy/ remedies/ Adult Onset Diseases  Project How should Naturpathics Manage their Patients

Chapter 15  (molecular docking)  what is a protein  What is a molecule protein docking  Molecule

Fungal protein production: design and production of chimeric proteins.  how bacteria and fungus influence each other Mycology is the study of fungi – it is a branch of biology. A mycologist studies fungi’s genes, biochemical properties, their use to us as a source of food, their hallucinogenic, poisonous and pathogenic (ABILITY TO CAUSE DISEASE) properties. It was not until the 16th century, when the microscope was developed, that mycology became a well established science. Viruses attach to host cells what are bacteria

Protein Engineering

Unlike human cells or bacteria, viruses don’t contain the chemical machinery (enzymes) needed to carry out the chemical reactions for life. … So, a virus must have a host cell (bacteria, plant or animal) in which to live and make more viruses. Outside of a host cell, viruses cannot function.  Hormone receptors

Google, what chemicals are hormone disruptors that bind to candida.. Flu shot ingredients

BPA and Candida

HIV-1 and its transmembrane protein gp41 bind to different Candida species modulating adhesion Andreas Gruber a;1, Claudia P. Lell a, Martin Spruth a, Cornelia Lass-Flo«rl a, Cornelia Speth a, Heribert Stoiber a, Bernhard Hube b, David Coleman c , Luciano Polonelli d, Manfred P. Dierich a, Reinhard Wu«rzner a; a Institute for Hygiene and Social Medicine, University of Innsbruck, and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for AIDS Research, Innsbruck, Austria b Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany c Microbiology Research Unit, Department of Oral Medicine and Pathology, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland d Istituto di Microbiologia, Universita’ degli Studi di Parma, Parma, Italy Received 7 August 2002; received in revised form 26 February 2003; accepted 4 March 2003 First published online 11 April 2003 Abstract Oral candidiasis in HIV-1-infected individuals is widely believed to be triggered by the acquired T-lymphocyte immunodeficiency. Recently, binding of the HIV-1 envelope protein gp160 and its subunit gp41, and also of the whole virus itself, to Candida albicans has been shown. The present study shows that, in addition to C. albicans, HIV-1 gp41 also binds to yeast and hyphal forms of Candida dubliniensis, a species which is closely related to C. albicans, and to Candida tropicalis but not to Candida krusei, Candida glabrata or Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The previous finding that gp41 binding to C. albicans augments fungal virulence in vitro is supported by the observation that the yeast showed an enhanced adhesion to HIV-infected H9 cells in comparison to uninfected cells. In line with these results soluble gp41 itself reduced binding of C. albicans to both endothelial and epithelial cell lines, confirming a dominant role of the gp41 binding moiety on the surface of Candida for adhesion. Surface-associated secreted aspartic proteinases (Saps) play an important role in candidial adhesion, but are not likely to be involved in the interaction as gp41 binding to the C. albicans parental wild-type strain was comparable to that of three different isogenic Sap deletion mutants. Furthermore, gp41 binding to the yeast killer toxin-susceptible C. albicans strain 10S was not inhabitable by an anti-YKT receptor antibody. In conclusion, HIV-1 interacts with different clinically important Candida spp., and may thereby affect the outcome of the respective fungal infection. = 2003 Federation of European Microbiological Societies. Published by Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. Keywords: Candida; Human immunodeficiency virus; Complement; Adhesion; Secreted aspartic proteinase viruses



Chapter 4 the Human body





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1935 (













Years (

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The Jillian Effect: Exposing the Lies and Pain

The worst thing someone, anyone, could do is believe a lie.

Why would you believe a lie in the first place? What is it that shrouds one’s thinking, removing the sense to question someone’s credibility? What proof is sufficient enough for you to accept a procedure or protocol as a doctrine to health? Is your child’s illness compelling you to believe that a 3 ingredient recipe can cure any illness from A-Z?

Apparently, there’s a new way to reverse any kind of ” cancer, chronic illness, and disease” with just salty cabbage water? This “Protocol” has been touted by its developer to regenerate cells that will regrow organs (liver or lung) and shapeshift from your illness-ridden body to your previous youthful healthy body. This protocol has been a huge interest of mine ever since I joined Jillian’s “Weaponized Fungus” group back in August. I had an inescapable curiosity to the procedure, the production and the politics of her group and the methods used to “remove” parasites or Candida.

I’ve always known people had them and I’ve always known that parasites were nasty. Except, I didn’t know the existence of the parasites and fungus these people were purging from their bodies. It’s even the healthy microbiota that seems to scare people into thinking they are possessed by organisms that cause them sickness, mental illness, and disease. Which in reality, in some severe cases, yes it can. But that might only happen if you live in a third world country or have recently visited one with a submissive lifestyle in that part of the world. Considering, dear Reader, you live in the USA, you should have “healthy” or average Westerner’s gut flora. There is evidence to prove that parasitic infestation can and does happen here in the states,  but I’ll save that for another blog post.

I’ll move on to talk about what concerns me, and should concern you, the most; administering this Protocol to children.

JMT Baby formula

Jillian and Baby food, formula and her Protocol

It’s painful to see the videos of the mothers giving it to their very healthy looking children because they, the youngsters, were diagnosed and prescribed a remedy by a woman on Facebook. Children ranging from inutero to 12 years of age that are being administered these unmeasured, and likely overabundant amounts of salt have me curious, but, mostly majorly concerned.

The concoction is made of 2 parts water, 2 parts cabbage or kale, and 1TBSP of Pink or Celtic salt- which totals to about 3.5% salinity. Very similar to seawater. Babies and infants need very small amounts of salt as their kidneys are too immature to cope with any extra salt. A study published in the “American Journal of Physiology — Renal Physiology” in 2011 found that having too much or too little salt while pregnant can both impact kidney development.  Breast milk naturally meets all of a baby’s nutritional requirements, including a tiny amount of salt. In about 1 oz. of formula you will find close to 10mg of salt, which is specially formulated for babies.

0-6 months <1g / day
6-12 months 1g / day
1-3 years 2g / day
4-6 years 3g / day
7-10 years 5g / day
11 years and above 6g / day

Parents giving their children this drink often ask, “Well how much do I give her?”, to which Jillian replies,

2017-10-26 (2).png

So, as you see here, this is her answer. And, it is repeated throughout the Weaponized group to curious parents. Jillian ensures you, “You can’t go wrong”. I assure, you can and will if you force your child to ingest that amount of salt.

Pregnant woman are told to do the Protocol normally. Bad advice. Sodium during pregnancy should be limited. It’s very easy to meet or exceed your daily salt intake with the diet alone. Adding this will cause serious problems. Problems associated with your unborn baby. Let’s look at the amount of sodium one likely ingests when following Jillian’s Protocol as she suggests:

Himalayan Pink Salt(HPS) is naturally rich in sodium. I googled several brands and found that there is between 300 and 500mg of sodium in a 1/4 tsp. A FOURTH OF A TEASPOON!  With 3tsp in every 1tbsp of HPS, that adds up to at about 3,600mg of sodium per 2 cups. Which is her recipe as her directions call And, I need to keep reminding you, this is the LOWEST amount of sodium being calculated here. The lowest amount of sodium in 2cups of Jillian’s Protocol is about 3,600mg. I figured that by doing the math from the label of the canister of HPS that I have in my cupboard.


Himalayan Pink Salt




The trend in Jillian’s group seems to be sufferers of diseases like cancer, Morgellons, or diabetes along with parents and pregnant women who seek to live a clean, alternative lifestyle.These c